QuickReadings: A Four Letter Word That Hurts Me The Most

My heart was throwed, shattered, & broken. Torn apart like a piece of meat being devoured by wolves. Many have tried to mend it. Many have tried to piece it back together. At the end of the day, even with tender kisses & sensual touches ….my heart will not be completely fixed & perfect like it use to be. I see the face of a love that is now a stranger to me. How did we end up here? Why do I despise you so? Maybe one day we will make a compromise & I will learn to accept you again, fully. For right now, you’re just child’s play. A figment of my imagination. Something I only read about in books. Something I only see happen in fairytales. Until I learn to love you again, I refuse to accept you as the present you are. L-O-V-E

Love don't love NOBODY. But will I ever find LOVE again? Real Love? That MJB Love? Have I already? ......

Author: NeoshaGEE

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