CurlyNikki Talks SEX!

Ever had an issue with sex when it came to "How do I deal with my natural hair?" Well, I was of course, on one of my fave natural hair guru sites and Curly Nikki had a small solution. PARENTAL ADVISORY is necessary if you are under the age of 18. lol.

"I LOVE sex, but when my hair is freshly done, I have to admit that the LAST thing I'm thinking about is getting busy! My goal in life is to rock the same style for 5 days...this is nearly impossible once you introduce sex into the situation."

--CurlyNikki, 2009

Read more from her article, "Let's Talk Sex", HERE


  1. sounds amazinggg!!!!
    love your blog dear!
    care to visit mine?

    1. I'm super late but thank you hun and will do :)

  2. i don't know if some ladies could actually say no to sex just so their hair won't get ruined. But how am i supposed to understand? i'm a guy. LOL.

    interesting post by the way. : )

  3. lol well said Erwin... Thanks!


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