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The worst thing you can do is give up on your dreams. A lesson I learned quickly from Lady Sonya herself during the interview.  If you don't know this phenomenal woman by now, where have you been? Drive, Talent, Beauty and Business Savvy ...this Lady is a force of nature bound to bless us all with more to love! 

This celebrity piano instructor is nothing short of an intelligent, sophisticated, talented, and natural beauty. The woman behind the Lady University Movement, LadySonya Music Studio, and iNetworkDoYou. 

LadySonya's amazing talents along with consistent faith, sacrifice, and determination has allowed her to bing great substance to the music industry. LadySonya has aspired to use her skills to chase her dreams as well as helping others to do the same with theirs. 

Having worked with the likes of  Fat Boi, Kyron Leslie, Justice League, and others who have worked on tracks for artists like Young Money, Usher, Jody Breeze, and Travis Porter, her networking skills and knowledge of Music Theory puts her ahead of the game. With three growing companies under her belt, Lady Sonya is the epitome of Michelle Obama's elegance, Alicia Keys' amazing piano skills, Oprah's drive for success, and the fierce attitude of Beyonce. She is indeed the total package. She currently gives piano lessons to aspiring music producers/artists as well as major music producers and artists within the music industry through LadySonya Music Studio, in Atlanta, Georgia. Meet the Lady behind this growing and expanding empire...

Lady Sonya...

UPDATE: November 5, 2012

"A life-changing mentoring program for young girls and networking organization ladies and women worldwide!"

LadySonya is definitely someone you want to see succeed even further. Her spirit was felt and its genuine. It was awesome speaking with her. We have things in common, she's team natural, and she's a powerhouse businesswoman. If you're in the Atlanta area and are interested in piano lessons or just connecting with LadySonya, check out the links below. 

Read more about her story, HERE.

and get connected...


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