Hooray for birthday celebrations!!! I celebrated my 21st on March 27th. Yay! I'm pretty sure the next post will be in regards to my birthday as well but hey! During my haul, I purchased a few pieces to put together with my outfit of the evening. The skirt, tank, and watch were new purchases. Oh, and my hair was new too, lol. At my dinner party, I definitely felt like Naomi Campbell or some super fierce model. Fashion on a budget. What you think?

The skirt was the highlight of the party that night. Definitely my favorite piece from my ensemble. It was form fitting to my body and just made me feel great! 

Keyshia With "Snooki"

Hey beauties! I recently celebrated my 21st birthday this past Tuesday and I had an amazing time! I have so much to share you but I wanted to share a separate post on these specific lipsticks. I am in love with them. If you've ever heard of model/video girl Keyshia Dior or "the girl in the blue lipstick", then I'm pretty sure you also know that she launched a line called Ka'Oir Cosmetics. She was also the video girl in the Timbaland & Drake music for, "Say Something" back in 2009. She retails only online her bright, beautiful, bold, and vibrant lipsticks, lip pops (glosses), eyeshadows, and nail lacquers. Amazing colors!! Check out the four I ordered:

It's been a long time coming but as I promised, here are my face and body skincare secrets. I use these products faithfully and they do indeed get the job done. Check out what I use below:

Hey everyone! The past few days have made it known that Spring has begun to arrive. The weather has been averaging above 80 degrees, ladies have been stepping out in bright and vibrant colors, men are pulling out the shorts, and kids are still adjusting their naps to daylight savings time, lol. In celebration of my favorite time of year, I gave myself some nail love. This week, I went for bright and glittery. You all know I LOVE glitter. Check it out!

We all could use some inspiration. For those of you that are thinking about transitioning and going natural this video is just for you. For those of you that are new to the natural hair community, this video is for you. For every man, woman, and child that rocks their natural hair with pride and confidence whether in a fade, (TWA) teeny weeny afro, locs, afro, etc...this video is also for you! Let's all come together and help inspire others. To be a natural is to be free. LOVE your hair and LOVE the person rocking it!

Check out ladies that came together with me to share with you our natural hair stories and why we love our hair as much as we do. 
ForteBowie Interview

I had a great time catching up with an old college friend this past week. This talented and super multi-skilled artist deserves quite a few grammys for his hustle and raw underground skill. If you never heard of ForteBowie, then you are missing out on what this generation lacks in the music industry... pure authenticity. Born Denzel, "ForteBowie" Ayuk, this southside Atlanta native has truly emerged as an overall singer, songwriter, producer, and many more occupational genres. In my opinion, if you're a self-taught anything, you're a rare breed. This describes ForteBowie, perfectly.
The title may be a but confusing but I wanted to briefly speak on people we tend to expect will always be there. Everyone is not meant to be in our lives longer than they're meant to be. Lately, I've had to learn that no matter how much someone may tell me that they will do this or wont do that are just talking. They're a walking ad for themselves. Nine times out of ten, its false advertisement. It's like walking into an interview making up things to make the employer believe you're better than you really are. People feed off others everyday. People also will say anything to you just to benefit themselves. This entire world is artificial in so many ways. The best thing you can do is remove what is no good from your life. If it weighs you down, let it go. If you wake up and a certain someone is always the first person on your mind, ask yourself... "Is this person causing my happiness or contributing to my pain?"

Hello everyone!  I was tagged by blogger, Miss Dre of "So She Writes" to share 11 things about myself. I guess I could come up with a few random things that I find interesting, lol. Enjoy... 

1. I tend to hum my own tunes while I'm eating or just laying around. *Mm, mmm, mmmhmm...*
2. Both soles of my feet are capable of touching in a very juxtaposed way. Perfect and creepy at the same time.
3. Leaving an imprint of my lips on the Pyramids of Giza is on my bucket list. :) 
4. I'm very analytical. I break down every situation as much as possible. Does that make me seem crazy? 

I'm so excited for Spring. It's personally my favorite time of the year for two reasons, bright colors and my birthday!! ^_^ 

I hadn't done a tutorial for my Youtube in forever so I decided to post one earlier today. In celebration for Spring fashion and makeup trends, I created a fun look that any girl can rock. I've heard so many people say that women of color can't pull off certain looks. Honey, we are chameleons! Beauty knows no value or prejudice. Makeup is creativity. We all have the right to fulfill whatever creative spark we desire. Using this bold and vibrant color on my eyes made me feel GREAT! Want to see how I transformed for Spring? Check out this post for a more detailed description of my everyday beauty routine and "Blue Spring" tutorial. Enjoy!! 


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