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I had a great time catching up with an old college friend this past week. This talented and super multi-skilled artist deserves quite a few grammys for his hustle and raw underground skill. If you never heard of ForteBowie, then you are missing out on what this generation lacks in the music industry... pure authenticity. Born Denzel, "ForteBowie" Ayuk, this southside Atlanta native has truly emerged as an overall singer, songwriter, producer, and many more occupational genres. In my opinion, if you're a self-taught anything, you're a rare breed. This describes ForteBowie, perfectly.

In December 2011, he signed himself to his own independent label, rightfully given the name "1990." He's been leaving an impact in music ever since his artistry began. Throughout the past year, his hard work, remixes, and mixtape projects have caught the attention of many new fans. His music can be called many things but you can't in no way place it in any category. The soulful tunes and smooth, sometimes upbeat and rock heavy beats give his singles great compass. ForteBowie has definitely accomplished a lot for a 21 year-old. Maybe it's the Cameroonian blood in him that spoke into life this amazing talent. Be sure to stay up on his latest project, "Passion & Confusion". It will release in April 2012. Check out the interview I had with him and get to know the man who will soon be more than just an underground name...

 1/29/13 Update: (Trinidad James ft. ForteBowie "South$ide" Official Music Video)

WARNING: Podcast does contain some profanity. 

Featured Podcast Tracks- "Me 2" (Something About Bowie), "CL Smooth" (UberEargasms), "Cheatin" (UberEargams), "The Eargasm" (UberEargasms)
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UPDATE:: February 13, 2013 (NEW PROJECT DROPPED) Download Here
fortebowie interview
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