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The title may be a but confusing but I wanted to briefly speak on people we tend to expect will always be there. Everyone is not meant to be in our lives longer than they're meant to be. Lately, I've had to learn that no matter how much someone may tell me that they will do this or wont do that are just talking. They're a walking ad for themselves. Nine times out of ten, its false advertisement. It's like walking into an interview making up things to make the employer believe you're better than you really are. People feed off others everyday. People also will say anything to you just to benefit themselves. This entire world is artificial in so many ways. The best thing you can do is remove what is no good from your life. If it weighs you down, let it go. If you wake up and a certain someone is always the first person on your mind, ask yourself... "Is this person causing my happiness or contributing to my pain?"


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