It is amazing at how technology of our time can literally generate life-like holograms of those who have since passed on. At this years' 2012 Coachella Festival on yesterday, fans were both stunned and some a bit at a lost for words after seeing late legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur perform with Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre live!! I watched the performance and I must say, I was also amazed. It looked so real and was just pure amazement. It makes you think, what else is this amazing technology capable of? What's next, me being able to appear in someone's living room having a virtual conversation? lol. Read on for more about the festival...

Article: Courtesy of Yahoo Music

I've been doing much a lot of evaluation lately with myself and everything around me. I am responsible for whatever debt I've accumulated or brought upon myself. This includes my biggest debt, student loans. Although, I think it is good to invest in secondary education, the economy and government makes its so hard for us to get through without so much half-stepping. My goal for 2012 has been to get my financial situation is some serious order. Frivolous spending habits and living above our means is a sure fire way to keep us broke or in debt. So, I took it upon myself to do some research. Below is an article on how you can begin looking for ways to save and budget your life.
Check out my nails from last week. It was kind of a random selection of colors one night. This was also the nails I had in my previous post, Mirror Check| Thrift to Pastel Pump. Super fun and the colors reminded me of cantaloupe fruit, yuuum! How do you like it?

This past Thursday, I posted a picture of my OOTD onto my Facebook and it was pretty popular that day lol. I felt so cute and girly. Like a savvy businesswoman that just came straight off a fashion runway. I wanted to, of course, share my fave outfit from the week. I decided to make my watch the key piece in this outfit instead of my shoes for this post. Purposely, lol. What do you think?

What more can I say, I really love the old school soul, "feel good" music. I grew up listening to songs like this in my grandmothers' house, at family house parties and such. I absolutely love the soulful and sensuous vice of Al Green. Ohhh, the love in his music. You just feel good when you listen to his music. I'm currently playing an album of his and I'm in my zone so this post will be short lol. Of course, this would be the topic of studio love tonight... Enjoy two of my favorites :)


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