Your How-To Guide To Surviving "Cuffing Season" For The Holidays + Giveaway!

Original Date: 11.26.12

Are You Planning On Being Apart of Cuffing Season This Winter?

Yep… it’s that time of the year again: Cuffing Season. As the weather cools down, and the holiday season approaches, those who would normally be single find themselves desiring to be “cuffed” or involved in a new relationship. For many people, they just want someone available for those lonely nights and for others, it’s to have someone to keep past the holiday season. There’s something about cold winter nights and romance that sets people on fire in the “let’s get freaky” department.

What Is Cuffing Season… Really?

You know, I honestly find the whole cuffing season thing to be pretty silly and irrelevant. It’s a mythological event that either some lonely female created for herself because she desperately needed a man or that a man created because he needed easy access to that “good good” and treating one woman for a few months was the excuse to get that. Overall, many of us see surviving cuffing season as being for people who want boyfriends or girlfriends without the extensive commitment. This is for those of you seeking to make some serious Under-The-Cover sutra this winter.
cuffing season
1. No Need To Commit Just Dedicate Your Time- Cuffing season means different things to different people, but for the majority of us, a regular sex partner is the common thread that unites our basic roles for a cuddle buddy. Cuffing season is just what it means, to CUFF, to have on lockdown, to be dedicated to ONE. lol. If you’re not interested in a more than “hi and bye” f***-buddy type of situation, then cuffing isn’t for you. Please go straight to the Personals section on Craigslist or visit your local online sex meet and greet chat!
2. Clarify Rules & Boundaries- SPEAK UP! In an ideal cuffing season relationship, communicate upfront what you do and don’t expect from your cuff partner. Like sharing of intimate photos, private conversations, planning for a “just in case this happens” situation, etc. Also, it’s good to be occasionally screwing each other and ONLY each other for however long you decide. This eliminates unnecessary drama, and also sets the stage for you to enter and exit with clear intentions.
3. Play It Safe Boys & Girls- As I said, cuffing season is about getting hooked up something proper-like. You have to be about that life when seeking nights of extreme passion and intense heat!
cuffing season
I’m personally not an advocate of reckless casual sex at all, so I would advise you to choose a partner you can trust to love and get kinky with. Though many people FAIL to do this not only via cuffing season but all year round, it’s wise that you both get tested for STDs prior to having sex with each other, and wear protection, even if you think you know who you’re sleeping with. Be sure to double up on contraception just in case and especially if you don’t see yourself with a baby in a manger with your cuff buddy after the cuffing season. For those of you hospital haters, you can visit your local health department for free testing orTestExpress.
4. This Girl Is On FIRE!- Okay now Alicia! lol… ladies, don’t let the suga mama of your goodies go un-cared for EVER! It’s ideal to drink lots of water and such been if you find yourself with a UTI, prepare to penguin walk for your life! Cuffing season is a time for most ladies, to keep the forest a utopia for men. For fellas, don’t be foolish and get your better half drenched if you’re burning (you know what I mean). I’m sure you wouldn’t want to cancel a date or late night sex rondevu because you didn’t take care of your goodies. To quickly relieve that burning sensation and uncomfort when you got to go. I recommend using AZO’sCranberry Urinary Tract Health Tablets or AZO Urinary Pain Relief.
The AZO Cranberry is great your urinary tract infections which seem to happen more to women than men. If you’re unaware cranberry prevents urinary tract infections by preventing E.coli from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. Cranberries also contain proanthocyanidins that provide antioxidant activity and can help prevent damage from free radicals. (Source: LiveStrong) AZO Cranberry comes in a box of 50 tablets that consist of probiotic and vitamin C. A quick note, I noticed it contains a coloring agent known as carmine. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, I personally wouldn’t recommend you take these tablets. The AZO Urinary Pain Relief is just as good for men or women. I surveyed a few people who used these AZO products and none of them found any problems. (“They work great!”-Male Tester. “Yes I have used them and my fiance’ uses the cranberry pills nearly every day.”- Female Tester)
5. Show Some Love!- Your cuffing season agreement may not be for long-term relationship, but you will have a good month, if not more, of commitment to each other. Spend time together but not so much that you fall in love (if that’s not the plan). Try going out for dinner, exchanging small gifts/gestures, or whatever can show your appreciation. Show a little love, affection and respect for your partner. Of course, if something suddenly doesn’t feel right with your partner and boundaries are ran over, RUN FOR THE DOOR… SMOOTH & QUICK! Cuffing season for you is over until the Spring flings roll in!
6. Stay Open-Minded- Sex, no matter how casual it may be whether during cuffingseason or not, can be both a learning and bonding experience for you. In most cuffing seasoninstances, either of you may decide to take your arrangement to the next level past the cuffing trial period. Honestly, if the sex is good, the friendship is good, things go better than expected,  and you both really enjoy spending time with each other, it doesn’t hurt to keep the option for more open if the opportunity presents itself.
7. Don’t Worry About Your “Standards” So Much. Have fun. Do I really need to explain this? …lol. I’m not telling you to go out and get buck wild on the merry go round. Don’t be so foolish during cuffing season that you’ll allow your partner to do, say, and treat you any old kind of way. Standards should still be there but if it’s all well and dandy, there’s nothing wrong with being a mans’ “lady in the street and freak in the sheets.” Same for men. Most women love a gentlemen but also love a man that can take her through the roof, to the moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and back!
Enjoy The Next Few Months of Cuffing Season Happy & Satisfied! 
cuffing season
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FINAL NOTE: Keep AZO handy during cuffing season! You wouldn’t want a UTI to ruin your new relationship, or get in the way of your fun single life, during the winter months.
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***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AZO. The opinions and text are all mine.***

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