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Check On It| Covergirl Queen Collection Lipsticks-Review

January 31, 2012

I went to Target one work day looking to purchase a few snacks. Of course, I can never leave a store without checking out the beauty aisles. Passing through Almay and Maybelline products, I stumbled upon the Covergirl section. I was always interested in trying out a few Covergirl lipsticks, particularly from the Queen collection. 

If any of you follow my work, then you would know that I love lip color. I decided to purchase three of the 24 colors offered in this brand. Each lipstick is around $5. The Covergirl Queen Collection was specifically designed for women of color. The silk moisturizing formula helps maintain moisture levels so lips feel smooth and look gorgeous. The more you wear it, the more gorgeous your lips become! 

Mirror Check| Work Fierceness!

January 26, 2012
I absolutely love waking up and just throwing my outfit together. You will be amazed at some of the things I come up with. I'm not your "get it together the night before" type dresser. My job is very laid back and I get to play dress up a lot. Today happened to be my diva day. Ever just felt like Sasha Fierce? lol. I got new hair and an attitude like Diana Ross. I wanted to feel divalicious as well as professional. I do nails so I like to look the part when catering to professional working class women. I'm currently at work writing this post to you, listening to Adele's "Waiting For You". Love this song! Peep my outfit...

Natural Hair: My Personal Regimen

January 23, 2012
I must be honest, having natural hair definitely takes work. It's like caring for a plant. You MUST keep your hair moisturized, clean, and fertilized (oiled). I've been through my trial and error phase with finding the right products for my hair type. I am a 4b/4c (Afro Textured). Many girls with my textured hair may find that at the beginning, it's hard to define your curls. I did. I tried a few things. Of course, like many naturals, I've tried defining my curls with Eco Olive Oil Styling Gel. It was okay until I noticed that it dried out my hair and left it feeling crunchy. Not cool at all. I don't use it so much anymore if at all. Since then, I've upgraded, lol.

Products in order from left to right--> 1. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. 2. Water/ Conditioner Mix (Short Spray Bottle). 3. Terressentials Left Coast Lemon Hair Mud. 4. Apple Cider Vinegar Mix (Tall Spray Bottle). 5. Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding. 6. Africa's Best Herbal Oil. 7. Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. 8. Healing Herbs by Rene Peppermint Ginger-Lime Shampoo.

BIOTIN for Natural Hair?

January 17, 2012
I purchased some Biotin supplements a few months ago just to try it out. I've seen a few comments on it, both good and bad. Also, I have talked to various girls with natural hair as well as have seen videos where biotin was apart of natural hair regimens. I figured, why not give it shot? 

Before I begin to share with you my experience taking the supplement, here's a little background knowledge you may find useful. "Biotin is a coenzyme and a B vitamin, also known as vitamin H. As a supplement, biotin is sometimes used for diabetes, brittle nails, and other conditions. Biotin plays a key role in the body. It supports the health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism, and cells. Biotin may also help to treat some types of nerve pathology, such as the peripheral neuropathy that can result from kidney failure or diabetes."

Giveaway!!!!!!!! Don't Miss out! [CLOSED]

January 10, 2012

Do you love FREE stuff?!! To celebrate the new year and those who support me, I decided to have a contest! Winner will receive products of their choice from awesome businesses! Choose from shoes, jewelry, shades, clothes, makeup, and much more!!! This is definitely a giveaway you don't want to miss out on. The least I could do is pay for your favorites. I'm coming out of pocket, so that's love lol.