Copycat Celeb Style For Less: "Mint To Be Rihanna"

It's game day! Well, not really but it was for Rihanna on Christmas Day 2012. As always, she stepped out dressed to impress...

Even the most simple pieces create a major commotion. 

I totally adore Rihanna's celeb style. Not only are our styles somewhat similar in "standing out" and "throwing together" great combos... she's a fashionista on the up and up. Makes me wonder how life would have been for me if I would have gone off to college for Fashion Design instead of Web Development.... hmm. 

Not trying to hint at her current situation but, the title fit perfectly with my replicated celeb style. The recreated style definitely shares what I would pair and wear along with my personality and "suave diva" side. I love the color mint. It's been pretty popular for quite some time now. Many people who may know me personally know that mint polish is definitely my go-to color when all else fails. The nail polish wall display says it all. Check out my adaptation to RiRi's date with Chris Breezy style. 

Copycat Celeb Style For Less
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Got to LOVE some amazing heels and a killer pair of of booty-loving skinny jeans. Celeb style for many of us isn't always very easy to fully create. No worries though, of course you know I'm going to give you the cheat sheet to style if you're a fashion lover on a budget. A few things you may or may not know about me...

I am a recovering shopaholic, currently in rehabilitation and I have to have a pop of color in all I wear. 

I always say that, "A girl can wear shoes but a woman dresses in heels".  If I could jump into this post and grab every succulent piece in the picture, I would. Find out what closet these super sexy pieces came from and how you can recreate my replicated mint love-joy at home for half the price.

Instead of spending over a whopping $1000 or more to rock a Christamas Game Day outfit, including Rihanna's $695 Manolo Blahnik Chaos Sandals, pick your poison. 

Copycat Celeb Style For Less

TOP: Black Crop Top $17
BOTTOMS: Fashionista Skinny Jean $15 (SALE)
BLAZER: 3/4 Sleeve Blazer $20
SHOES: Lola Vanity (Currently Unavailable) $28 or Anne Michelle Enzo 01 $23

Be sure to share this post with your social friends and leave some comment love if you oh so desire... Don't forget to rock your celeb-inspired style like you started it! Have fun! Want to feature your Copycat Celeb Style on RNG? Send your photos HERE

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  1. I dig Rihanna's styles, too. And I am loving the mint green!

  2. This is hot! I love how you recreated Rih-Rih's fab look for less for us fashionable divas on a budget. And this is right up my alley, as I like to wear black with a splash of color also. Cute look, girlie!

    And I'm loving the new look over here :-)

    1. Thanks so much!!! I love me some RiRi fashion... the whole all black with a splash is definitely me.

  3. I love posts like these. Real options to wearing the most fashionable outfits on a budget we 'regular'folks can afford. Loving those shoes!

    1. I'm with you! No need to break your pockets when the world is full of alternatives lol

  4. I love this site!! I really love the look for less section, that is a great concept!!


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