Natural Hair Adventures of the Newly-Natural Chick

natural hair adventures
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Last December, I finally bid adieu to the "creamy crack," the great white hype a.k.a. relaxers. I, like many other black women now, stopped dousing my scalp in chemicals strong enough to disintegrate a coke can (Seriously, check it out here) and I was overjoyed! I was going to be a fierce natural sista with this big, awesome, curly hair and it was going to be great! But I was also hesitant. How was my hair going to look? Would I still feel sexy and beautiful? I had worn sew-ins and relaxers for so long, I had almost forgotten what my natural texture was like! 

My hair was straight on the ends and kinda wavy near the scalp. I didn't know what to do with it! A bun? Some braids? Twists? My unevenly textured new hair and lack of natural hair knowledge was a recipe for disaster that lasted for about six months. Unsure of what to do with my hair and how to care for it, I threw my hair in a bun for half of the year and treated my hair the same way I did when I was getting relaxers, which wasn't all that great to begin with. Washing a few times a week, no moisturizing, no wrapping at night, and a bun. That's all I knew. By the summer, I was disappointed with my hair. It wasn't all big and awesome and fierce like I thought it would be; it just looked like I hadn't had a perm in six months, and it was not pretty.

It was then that I discovered the vast and wondrous world of YouTube. It was AMAZING!!! I will tell you right now, I am thoroughly convinced that all of the hair bloggers on YouTube and online are natural hair angels
natural hair adventures
Photo: BGLH
sent from Heaven to teach us their ways! It was truly awe-inspiring (and overwhelming!) I learned all the cool, fancy phrases, read articles on
curl pattern and "hair typing", and how to apply the LOC method. I dove head first into list after list of natural hair care products, curling agents, moisturizers, and felt my head spinning! (Too bad my curls still weren't.) I tried the Curls Unleashed product line (the WHOLE line, with no supervision), and after my wallet was shamelessly violated by that adventure, I dabbled in Shea Moisture with the money that I had left. I used entirely too much product, and was frustrated when I didn't immediately see beautifully moisturized and perfectly curled tresses. Dang, I had went natural, I had watched the YouTube videos, and I had bought the expensive products; what was I doing wrong?!

 My hair was still thin; I couldn't even make a respectable fro to justify my nappiness. Discouraged and broke, me and my crappy bun kept it pushing, but a relaxer sho' was lookin' good right about now...

It wasn't until I started working out, drinking more water, and eating right that I finally seemed to get over the "natural newbie" stage. My new healthy lifestyle seemed to work out for my hair routine, too! (Granted, I didn't have a hair routine before.) My hair finally started getting some consistent moisture (regular ol' water from the daily hair washing!) and I started to wear my hair just slicked back with a headband. No more bun breaking off my nape hair! My hair would curl up after my morning shower, and I started to like my easy-breezy new hairstyle. A lo and behold, after about three months of that, I picked out my hair and got a fro! A real, poufy, round fro like all of the natural hair goddesses that had come before me! And I was ecstatic! I had finally, "officially" joined the natural sistahood, and it felt good. :) As soon as I saw and felt my big, healthy, natural hair in all of its glory, I knew I never wanted to go back to the creamy crack or the weaves. This 'fro was here to grow!
natural hair adventures
Photo: Pinterst
Now that I'm fully integrated in my natural hair/healthy body lifestyle (they definitely go hand in hand, for me at least.), my hair routine and upkeep is effortless. My hair is growing healthier and more even than eve before. I am so happy with my personal and naptural growth. Things are going really well since I got over the "newbie hump." My 'fro is strong and happy! And so am I.


Melanie Harris, Guest Blogger

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