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Where I've Been: My First Time

September 26, 2013

where ive been

You know how it sometimes feels like living on Earth is much of a daze? Is it just me that feels that way? Well, maybe you can relate more to the feeling of experiencing something quite intimate or soothing for the very first time. This is what I have been doing. Indulging in the wonderful things that life has to offer. Some things much like forbidden fruit. 

Dr. Zizmor Natural Skincare Giveaway | WIN IT! [CLOSED]

September 6, 2013
Updated ** 09/26/2013**

Dr. Zizmor Natural Skincare Giveaway

Hey ladies and gents! I'm back to share with you some awesome information regarding a natural skincare giveaway I'm sure many of you may like to be apart of. I was invited to share this so I figured ...hey, why not?! I love skincare products! 

We all want healthy and vibrant skin, a clearer complexion, and to keep the signs of aging at bay. Every year women spend hundreds of dollars on finding the right skincare products. Today we want to share with you the skincare products available exclusively from Doctor Zizmor, an expert in cosmetic dermatology.

Guilty Pleasures: Taco Mac Atlanta-Perimeter

September 1, 2013

taco mac atlanta

Oh yes... foodie alert! I don't think you all realize how much I LOVE indulging in new foods and restaurants. A few months ago, June to be exact, the babe and I enjoyed a day in Atlanta after I had come up to spend some time away from home. Per the usual, food was on the agenda. We are always down for trying new places but this go 'round, Taco Mac Atlanta was new for just me (lol).