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DIY Gel Manicure Fall Series Pt.2| Halloween & Pink Boobies For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 28, 2013
diy gel manicure halloween breast cancer awareness

Ay dios mio! Well, I'm back for part two of my first end of the year diy gel manicure series. Since the month of October celebrates not only a festive occasion for trick or treaters, but it also highlights the importance of breast cancer awareness month. Keep your boobies in check ladies!! With the past week being in cahoots and this post being a week late, thanks to my random outbreak of irritating hand eczema, I managed to keep this ball rolling. 

Want to know how I achieved this look? Nice way to pay homage to two events without going overboard right? lol

Something About This Perfectly Posh Stripper In My ....Stache?

October 19, 2013
Hey lovies! You're probably wondering, "What the heck is a stache?" lol.. it's meant to be pronounced as "Stash". You know like "mustache". That being anything I enjoy sharing with others, of course! Anywho.... before I get into detail about this stripper though... 

perfectly posh stripper giveaway

I thought I'd share a little something and someone special!

" But Sistah...": Natural Hair Community Backlash [GUEST POST]

October 18, 2013

Somehow a movement that began as a way to encourage, empower, and help black women to be free with their hair and love who they are naturally, suddenly turned hostile to women doing just that. The natural hair community backlash order just came out of nowhere. Yes lawwwd.... smh. The rules people have just put out regarding natural hair are pure ridiculous most times. 
natural hair community backlash
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Here we go again.. right? I believe I speak for all natural hair ladies when I say that when it comes to truly being an "individual" while keeping the dignity of our hair, sometimes even our own be out to get us.

They Call Me "Clean-Up" | Beware, Angels Are Walking...

October 12, 2013
I’d rather be doing this than to be just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

That's what this awesome man, James Boatner, 63, also known as West Oakland's very own, "Clean-Up" said. I ran across James' story on Facebook and it just stole my heart. Needless to say, it's always wonderful to read about the goodness of REAL people who are truly great and genuine human beings. Clean-Up has been a homeless man for 15 years who took the initiative to start spending his days sweeping up the sidewalks in front of homes and businesses around the city of West Oakland. 

they call me clean up sidewalkstory
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Clean-Up's story is so moving and powerful that muralist, Kate DeCiccio painted a mural of him on the wall right next to where he sleeps. 

Mainstream Natural Hair Phenomenon | Are Brands Really Hopping on The Bandwagon? [GUEST POST]

October 9, 2013

Wuddup peeps! This is probably one of the hottest topics in natural hair town right now. Is it just me or are we beginning to see major companies jump the natural hair broom and adding more ethnic curls into their commercials nowadays? Of course! Just this year alone, it's skyrocketed!

I know I'm not alone on this. Mainstream natural hair is definitely proving to be an asset to more and more brands now. Brands are even causing controversy for even featuring the "new" American family with curls now. Remember the "Just Checking Cherrios Commercial" that went viral back in May? I think it's cool that brands are bringing us naturalistas attention. We're the ish! Even though it's all about politics and money for many of these companies... natural hair is where the money is now! Can't deny it. 

Updated Natural Hair Regimen | Color Care For Type 4 Blondes

October 5, 2013
natural hair regimen type 4

Okay, before you continue to read after noticing my forehead and saying "What the heck is that?" My hair was indeed wet in this photo and yes, that is hair product on my forehead.. hair mud mask actually lol. Let's carry on. 
This post has been a long time coming! Goodness. To get you all up to date on my latest hair craze, my better half decided that I should give hair color a try. At first I didn't want to alter my previous natural hair regimen to make due with the much longer process of caring for color-treated natural hair but at the same time there was a little part of me that wanted those vibrant colored tresses I had been spotting all over the city this past summer. 

Leave it to the men in our lives to be bad influences lol. After being a little wussy about it while strolling around my local Sally's Beauty Supply store, my "hubby" decided to point out the blondest of blondes. I was like "HELLLLL NO sir...". He was so serious too about the color.

DIY Gel Manicure Fall Series Pt.1| Smoky Brown Beauté

October 2, 2013

Hey you lovely people! I'm excited about the month of October. Why? This month I plan to share my very first blog series with you on none other than beautiful gel manicures. The DIY Gel Manicure series will share some of my favorite polish colors for Fall weather as well as some beautiful nail art here and there. You're sure to love it! Check out part one below: Smoky Brown Beauté Gel Manicure