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Mirror Check| How To Stop Negative Thoughts About Your Body [GUEST POST]

November 20, 2013
how to stop negative thoughts about your body

We've all been there before. You know, having negative thoughts about our body. Even I know the feeling of wanting to look a certain way physically. The things we do to please the eyes of "others" because society tells us what is beautiful and what is not. There just comes a time where you have to fully accept you as you are. We all aren't meant to be that thick and bootylicious model or that slim and super fit lady next door. 

Sometimes.... you just have to come to terms with loving who you were intended to be. If you're not happy with something, FIX IT because YOU want to make the change. Don't ever alter yourself for the sake of others or to conform to the non-standards given off by society. 

My guest contributor today, Melanie, sheds light on her own personal experience with body image. She also shares how she overcame those insecurities. 

An Epiphany| Let The New Year Commence...

November 16, 2013
new years epiphany 2014
Photo Credit: Touch of Luxe

Yep. It's that time once more. The end of another wonderful, heartbreaking, exciting, disappointing, joyous, and sad year is upon us. I've really gone through A LOT of things this year. Both good and bad. All, of course, great learning experiences. I took quite some time to myself to just reflect on the goals I was able to meet this year. Majority of those goals, I accomplished. Hey... it's better than setting up a list of false resolutions for the sake of advertisement and not moving a foot, right? 

Personalities + This Secret Language Stuff!

November 5, 2013

Photo Taken By: Plakitina (DeviantArt)

Well, this is pretty awesome. Horoscope stalkers rejoice... NOT! If you make AVID use of saying, "I'm (zodiac sign here) so I am blah, blah, blah and you are la, la, la" to justify your existence, stop now. I'll explain why later. I find it completely amazing when we walk around like we know ourselves SO much when we probably only know 85% of who we are. Peep this cool little discovery. I recently was able to discover the secret language of birthdays for myself and a few other people I know. VERY interesting facts that covered our personalities and hew we interact throughout life an with others. It was also weird accurate of everyone I looked up, including myself.