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Guilty Pleasures| Lemongrass Thai Bistro

December 24, 2013

lemongrass thai bistro

Ohh, the sweet smell of Asian cuisine! Can't you smell it? Well, this place has a very special spot in my heart. Lemongrass Thai Bistro opened up a few months ago in my local, historic downtown area. I've heard all great things about them and really wanted to make my way down to check them out for myself. I even talked my babe into going and trying it out with me. 

We enjoy trying out new food establishments together, apparently. 

Natural Hair Adventures of the Newly-Natural Chick

December 20, 2013

natural hair adventures
Image Credit: The Coiffure Project
Last December, I finally bid adieu to the "creamy crack," the great white hype a.k.a. relaxers. I, like many other black women now, stopped dousing my scalp in chemicals strong enough to disintegrate a coke can (Seriously, check it out here) and I was overjoyed! I was going to be a fierce natural sista with this big, awesome, curly hair and it was going to be great! But I was also hesitant. How was my hair going to look? Would I still feel sexy and beautiful? I had worn sew-ins and relaxers for so long, I had almost forgotten what my natural texture was like! 

A Product Love Story| Acid and the Beast

December 18, 2013
Hello my favorite people of the web. Yes, I know I've been missing in action but all for a great reason. If you noticed, the blog underwent a mini-update so new logo, continuous color, and a bit of organization. I hope you like it. It's still not perfected to my liking though. I'm also making several changes and plans with my freelance design business. 
ageless derma glycolic cleanser
Image Credit: Matthew Woodward

Any who, I wanted to share a special skincare product with you that I have been using and loving for over a month now. Its the natural, anti-aging Ageless Derma Glycolic Facial Cleanser. This stuff has been a life saver for me. Some of you may even be wondering why I even need a cleanser made for anti-aging skin. In my opinion, why not start caring for youthful skin now for the mature future? You may recall my review on this company's satin lip gloss, which is also a nice product.