ELF Cosmetics Haul | End of WInter 2013-14

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great bringing in of the New Year and making things happen up until now!! I'm back to share some cool stuff with you. This time, none other than a fun haul I was able to do. An awesome ELF cosmetics haul, also known as the EyesLipsFace Haul!

Now it's been quite a few months since I last gave myself a retail therapy/beauty fix in purchases. So you can imagine my excitement when I drove my eyes over to the ELF cosmetics website to indulge in some great deals. Prices reflected below are not what I paid. I used the 50% off deal for the items and also got free and fast shipping! So over $60 in products for $30! STEAL!
Due to a few technical difficulties, the video will have to be re-created. 

Let's start off with the purchases from larger size to smaller packaging size. Prices are always pretty low so size doesn't matter in this case. I will say though that any time I have ordered from ELF, the shipping package is always well put together. Learn more in the video below. All new products that I'm trying for the first time are marked with an (*) symbol. 

  1. * 48-Piece Essential Little Black Beauty Book (Eyeshadows) here. Now, as you can see, it does come showcasing the inside colors which are adorable! This eyeshadow book is limited edition and comes in two other color themes, "Cool", and "Warm". I purchased this palette in "Night #91602". - $6.00
  2. * Essential Holiday Jumbo Lip Stain Set (Limited Edition) here. This is a new set from ELF. I think they're great colors for the holiday season so I chose to get it. I already tried a a red lip stain from ELF previously and I still enjoy it so I'm looking forward to trying these colors as well. - $6.00
  3. * Essential Holiday 4-Piece Eyelash Set here. This is also a limited edition/new product from ELF. The lashes upon touch feel nice and smooth. No waxy feel. I don't think I'll do much of the center pair much, they seem too "babydoll straight cut" to me but the others and the variation in the lengths I will adore! - $3.00
  4. * (2) Studio Makeup Remover Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths (NEW!) here. After reading pretty good reviews on these I wanted to try them. I've already experienced using the Vanilla lotion wipes from them but I really wanted to see what the fuss was about with the exfoliating ones. One side is very smooth + the other side has the small exfoliating beads. I did test a sheet and it feels great on the skin leaving it feeling quite refreshed and smoothed. - $3.00 each
  5. * Studio Baked Eyeshadow Palette here. I purchased this palette in "NYC #85131". The colors look great and worth the experience. Thee are new colors from ELF. This palette is also available in three other themes, "California", "Texas", and "Seattle". - $10.00
  6. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer here. I'm no stranger to this product as I have purchased it before. I love it most for helping to perfect my eyebrows. I got the concealer in "Medium #83312". You can also choose light or dark palettes. I wanted to try the ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit to review but it was out of stock at the time I purchased these current products. But of course, they would be back in stock AFTER I ordered. - $3.00
  7. * Studio Daily Brush Cleanser here. First time I'll be trying this out on my brushes so I'm excited. The reviews were mostly positive so I figured I wasn't wasting cash by trying it out at least. - $3.00 
  8. ELF Makeup Brushes here + here! All I did was purchase ones I already had so I just wanted extra, lol.                                                                                  • Essential Concealer Brush - $1.00
    • Essential eyelash & Brow Wand - $1.00
    • Essential Foundation Brush - $1.00
    • Studio Small Angled Brush - $3.00 
  9. * (2) Essential Nourishing Cuticle Pens here. The reviews were so positive that I bought two. Yep, I adore my cuticles and love a good manicure so I simply had to try. I opened one to try and instantly noticed some nice clean up. Not better than my out of the bottle cuticle oil brush but it will make for a great out and about fixer upper. - $1.00
  10. * Essential Slant Tweezer here. First time purchase just because I wanted an extra pair of tweezers. I think I own enough already though. The grab on these feel a lot more "rusted" than my others. - $1.00    
  11. * Studio Moisturizing Lipstick here. I was excited to try these out. I've tried the lesser priced Essential lipsticks and they're okay for the price but the packaging of these drew my attention and they're so creamy! They come in 10 lovely shades but I purchased only "Red Carpet #82640" and "Velvet Rope #82639". Two gorgeous shades of red that I needed for the holiday season. More red, baby!

For those of you who are no familiar with ELF cosmetics products, they have four product collections: Essential, Mineral, Studio, and Crystal. I LOVE their Studio collection but also have a few faves in the Essentials as well. Not a Crystal fan and I have yet to try any of their Mineral products. On my next haul I may or may not dig in. 

**DISAPPOINTMENTS: My favorite creme eyeliner from ELF was no in stock when I ordered, which sucks but black seems to be everyone's favorite. I'll be ordering again soon + will certainly try more new or different products.**

Are you an ELF cosmetics fan, if so, what are your favorites products and why? If not, will you check them out? Share below, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Charlotte MaxwellFebruary 23, 2014

    great selection of products- loving the blog xo


  2. Thanks so much!!


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