What's In My Bag | March 2014 +VIDEO

whats in my bag 2014

Today is the first day of Spring and I can't say that I'm super excited about it (due to bugs and pollen) but my birthday is next week and I can finally start getting my wardrobe together. Maxi dresses here I come! What better way to bring in the Spring than with a fabulous new bag? I'll be sharing what's in my bag on a daily basis. All the go-to's and such that I can't seem to be without. 
Find out where my new bag for the season came from. You can get 50% off here. It's the "Industry" tote. I love it!

What am I working with?

Well, as far as the most obvious things I feel all ladies should have with them, I can say I'm pretty much set anytime I have to leave and run an errand or even just scroll to the store. 
  • House Keys on a lanyard (just in case I'm walking alone and a weirdo tries to kidnap me. INSTANT knockout with my heavy duty keys.)
  • Cellphone + Charger (NEVER leave the house without it!)
  • Wallet (um yeah... got to have those coin-t's to spend when needed and an ID just in case life happens. I tend to change my wallets often by the way.)
  • Book To Read (nothing wrong with reading a good book if I expect to be sitting somewhere and waiting for whatever.)
  • Small Makeup Bag (...only to keep the little things to stay fresh-faced: lipstick/gloss, liner, eyeshadow palette, etc. This includes my Chapstick + cotton swabs but I leave them out for quick grabs.)
  • Face Cloths (I like to be able to just grab one when I'm ready to take off any makeup or give myself a quick fix. You never know.)
  • Hand Lotion (keep those hands super soft!)
  • Deodorant + Tissues (you never know when it may get too hot and make you sweat and you never know when you may sneeze all mucous out of your life.)
  • Bluetooth (I try to keep both the neck and ear piece on me at all times when they're charged. Reason being because my phone is huge!)
  • Perfume (I HATE going into a public restroom when I need to the most and I walk into the smell of "unlikely women". Eww! Keep spray people! Even of you need it to spray behind yourself.)
  • Hand Sanitizer (...if you can't get to a restroom quick enough, always keep a bottle with you until you do! I make sure of it!)
  • Cuticle Pen (Keep my nails nice and neat.)
  • Breath Mints (or gum! Stinky breath is not cute!)
  • Business Cards (You never know who you may run into. I'm always ready to share my services.)
  • Pens (just in case you need one.. I usually do. Always!)
  • Shades (If I could wear them everywhere I would. I like looking mysterious + un-bothersome lol)

Got A Video For Ya To See Live! 

What are some thing you MUST have in your everyday bag?

whats in my bag 2014


What bag will you be rocking most this season? Leave your comments below and share with your social friends! 
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  1. I keep a lot of these things in my bag too! Its so heavy but i cant even think about leaving home without it lol

  2. Neosha GeeMarch 21, 2014

    lol. I can surely understand! I'll struggle for the cause ^_^

  3. This is why it's so impossible to carry a small bag. And then of course he says "hey babe can you put this in your bag"??? Really???

  4. Neosha GeeMarch 31, 2014

    LOL omg yes!!!

  5. Forget about what's in the bag...let's talk about the bag itself!! Can we say cute! LOL. I'm loving that color!!

  6. Forgot to say #FHFridays!! :-)


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