MILK ON YOUR FACE! Skinue Skincare Review + Freebie

There is nothing more that I love than all things style and beauty right now aside from the wonderful things happening in my life. You all may know by now that I LOVE to care for my skin and I try out a lot of products ...just in case I grow tired of something routine. As a blogger, I come across some amazing people and products. I was recently contacted by the good folks over at Skinue.

skinue skincare review

I'm sure you may have seen skincare products with ingredients like argan oil and goat milk but what about camel's milk? If only I could go back in time and gain some beauty secrets from the Queen of the Nile, the power of camel's milk just may be apart of those secrets. Though I feel lucky not to have such significant problem skin, I still get the occasional breakout every now and again. 

I received a package on a recent Thursday from Skinue that contained sample bottles from their skin and acne collections. Skinue was created by CEO and scientist, Penelope Shihab, founder of MONOJO, the only applied biotechnology innovation firm in the Middle East and North African region. Their most popular ingredient is camel's milk sourced from the Camelicious Camel Farm, owned by the royal family in Dubai. I wanted to test the products out for a week so here are some results and feedback. 

Benefits of Camel Milk:

  • Designed with anti-inflammatory antibodies that are helpful to acne prone skin
  • Moisturizes skin instead of drying it out
  • Help smooth fine lines
  • Acts as natural cleanser
*Fact: This milk is known for its numerous nutrients to help promote our body natural defenses.*

The samples came just in time because the same week, my face had been peeking with a few acne bumps here and there. I've been water purging to cleanse so this is how it happens for me. It helps to know that all of their products are free of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, parabens!Out of the seven samples I received, I made use of three for what I currently needed. 

Facial Wash, Dry Skin Moisturizer, and Serum were my go-to products for the two weeks I used them.

skinue skincare review


  • FACIAL WASH: I admire the creamy, non-sticky, yet light feel of the face wash. The facial wash is designed to be a gentle cleanser to those with acne-prone skin. It cleaned and left my face feel moisturized rather than dry most experience with other products. That was a plus. 
  • DRY SKIN LOTION: After using the cleanser, I'd apply this moisturizer. Made to not clog pores or irritate the skin. It is also lightweight and non-sticky to the touch. It applied easily over my face and left it feeling smooth, breathable, and hydrated. 
  • SERUM: I've used the serum 3 times out of the two weeks of me using the product. Best after a clean face but it's a great "acne spot" treatment. I would also use it after removing makeup with a cleansing cloth and going to bed. It feels great!

OVERALL: I'd probably give this product 4 out of 5 stars. It did sow me visible results with regular use and I'm happy about that. The tiny bumps I had, which clustered under my cheeks, were visibly less and not irritated. I will continue to use the rest of the products. The only dislike is within the price. If you have problem skin that's more dramatic than mines, but are not use to spending a leg on a high end product such as this, you may need to keep looking. But if you're a lover of expensive skincare in small packaging, knock yourself out! 


Skinue has offered to giveaway this same package for free to one lucky winner. Enter to win below!! Must be 18 years or older and reside in one of the 50 North American states to qualify. Don't forget to share with others to better your chances! 

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  1. Wow, never heard of camel milk in a skincare product. Very interesting! I'm going to enter your giveaway, thanks! #ProductReviewParty

  2. Neosha GeeApril 27, 2014

    Awesome and no problem at all!!

  3. Neosha GeeMay 08, 2014

    You're welcome!

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