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Hey all!!

Okay so many of you probably are disappointed at me not posting lately. I have a VERY good excuse for that. Well...  As most of you may know,  I was pregnant. I recently gave birth to my little guy on July 21st so I've been quite busy. Even had to steer clear of design work and remain on maternity leave. I'm currently writing this post via smartphone,  which sucks.

My laptop is awaiting it's new battery installation so I can get back to business!! No worries.  I'm sure I'll be back in no time. Until then,  below is what you have to look forward to when I return. Check out a peek of what new things I'll be posting to get you all caught up with my new life as a mom,  my hair,  product reviews,  and more!

  • My Maternity Shoot in Washington Park
  • Firmoo Glasses: Review + Thoughts
  • My "New Mommy" Natural Hair Protective Style Story 
  • CurlKit Box Review
  • Love On Top: Baby Channing is Here! 
I have much more but you have to stick around for the rest. Talk soon!! 

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