Cradle Cap + New Mom Insomnia (FabHer Fridays Link Up #6)

Hey! So this past week has been so busy for me. I seriously feel like superwoman right now writing this. Little Channing will be 3 months this month and ever since his birth, it's safe to say that my sleeping routine hasn't changed. I still stay up all hours of the night while he sleeps in la la land. It's finally taking a toll on me. I go "bed" around 5AM or 6 AM depending on when I start to get drowsy.

He likes to wake up around 8AM which is never fun for me since I go to bed late. It's my fault. *sigh* ...In other news, I am getting SO frustrated with his scaly and dry skin. Since he was a few weeks old he developed the dreaded "cradle cap" all over his scalp and it even hit his ears, forehead, and eyelids. I've tried everything so far to get the scales removed completely to no avail. The doc recommended one thing that sucks so I feel a dermatologist visit coming soon. My last resort will be to try the coconut oil. I've heard great things about it so #prayforme... all this hair he has, it's going to be a struggle.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on how things work out with that. It's about that time though. It's Friday and I want to see what you have to share this week. Submit those blog posts/videos below. Remember #FHFridays happens every week so be sure to come back and share! :)

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To the moms, how did you treat your baby's cradle cap? HELLLLP!

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