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Ariel Williams + The Girl Talk Chronicles | Podcast Interview

March 31, 2014
I'm a headliner ya'll!!! LOL. I'm the first stop for an online book tour for the wonderful Ariel of ArielSaysNow. Let me first just share that I am very honored and grateful to have been approached for this. I'm always down to support and rock with one of my best online friends and design clients. 

ariel williams the girl talk chronicles

Nothing better than seeing a woman making a way for herself and being able to witness the growth first hand. I hope you all enjoy this podcast with us. I know I did! Bringing it to you straight, raw, and REAL! 

Get to know the woman behind the truth in her latest ebook release. "The Girl Talk Chronicles" was released February 15, 2014 on Amazon. Find out more below. ENJOY!

My Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection Swatches + VIDEO

sally hansen xtreme wear collection swatches

First off, let me just say that my birthday was pretty nice. I didn't do much but relax. No worries, I'll more than likely be doing something for it later this week. Anywho, I'm already enjoying the Spring outdoors, (meaning watching from indoors for me). Check out my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear collection along with swatches.

Sally Hansen nail polishes are ALWAYS my go-to favorites in every passing season. 

Black Barbie Christie: 16 Facts You Didn't Know About

March 22, 2014
Disclaimer: Take note that this post is not sponsored but is intended to be humorous as well as educational. Laugh a little. 

black barbie christie facts
Photo: BarbieBeauties

We all know about the iconic Barbara Millicent Roberts, aka "Barbie", her boo thang Ken, her one and a million occupations, huge closet of custom clothing, and that signature blonde hair. So what about her very first friend of color, Christie the black barbie? What things were you not told?

You'd be surprised...

What's In My Bag | March 2014 +VIDEO

March 20, 2014

whats in my bag 2014

Today is the first day of Spring and I can't say that I'm super excited about it (due to bugs and pollen) but my birthday is next week and I can finally start getting my wardrobe together. Maxi dresses here I come! What better way to bring in the Spring than with a fabulous new bag? I'll be sharing what's in my bag on a daily basis. All the go-to's and such that I can't seem to be without. 

Jessicurl Confidence Collection + Giveaway [CLOSED]

March 8, 2014

jessicurl confidence collection giveaway

WUDDUP!! I'm back with something super wonderful for you! I hope you're ready. I was able to partner up with the oh so wonderful Jessica McGuinty, owner and CEO of Jessicurl haircare products. I'm so excited about this! I first met with Jessica in person during the 2012 Fro' Fashion Week Event I attended in Atlanta. She is the sweetest ever! Thanks to her, she has allowed me to not only try the full line of her Jessicurl Confidence Collection but she was pretty much like, "Heck yeah! I'll send products for a giveaway too!" lol. So here I am! Thanks Jess!! 

DIY Gel Manicure Spring Series Pt.3| I Mint Chevron Nails

March 6, 2014

diy gel manicure mint chevron nails

Spring is approaching and I'm looking forward to it for many reasons. For one, I'll be another year older this month, which is a personal gratitude for me without all the bells and whistles. Since I didn't post in this series for the Winter season, I wanted to come back strong for Spring instead. It's obvious that chevron nails have been pretty hot lately. I decided to create this DIY mint chevron manicure for all of my nail art lovers. Check it out...