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MILK ON YOUR FACE! Skinue Skincare Review + Freebie

April 26, 2014
There is nothing more that I love than all things style and beauty right now aside from the wonderful things happening in my life. You all may know by now that I LOVE to care for my skin and I try out a lot of products ...just in case I grow tired of something routine. As a blogger, I come across some amazing people and products. I was recently contacted by the good folks over at Skinue.

skinue skincare review

I'm sure you may have seen skincare products with ingredients like argan oil and goat milk but what about camel's milk? If only I could go back in time and gain some beauty secrets from the Queen of the Nile, the power of camel's milk just may be apart of those secrets. Though I feel lucky not to have such significant problem skin, I still get the occasional breakout every now and again.