#BlackOut Nation- A Spoken Word

In light of celebrating the essence of all black beauty via social media yesterday, scrolling through my Twitter account brought on an urgent spark of inspiration to me. I wrote somewhat of a short, literary piece for you to enjoy.

Black beauty broke the internet and all the beautiful faces of both men, women, and children unapologetically displaying their pride for their melanin was defining.


One nation under WOMBman... the divine being between creation and reality.

The cultivating yoni saddled upon the king shit GODS we call black man.

Multiple faces seen through more kultures than one. We are ONE. Melanation. Koloured nation.

Oppressors oppress because we are their oppressions. Let the truth be shown...evident... Black woman is divine light and mother of all. We are ONE. Melanation. Koloured Nation.

And who are you to tell me I'm not beautiful? These shackles were broken from knowledge of self. Power.

Beautiful as in who? Beautiful as in to you.

 Born in the Ethers, let's gravitate. Voodoo magic, we levitate... astral beings in human flesh.

Power we remain. Melanation. Koloured Nation.

By: NeoshaGEE

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  1. Dope poem, Neosha. I can almost hear you performing it. Real talk. Makes me proud to be a black Wombman. I like that word, by the way. :-)

    1. Thanks so much Nadine! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I've been contemplating on whether I should perform it live or not- you never know.

    2. If the occasion arises, go for it! :-)


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