I love being a woman. I am thankful for the femininity we are given that allows us to live like the beautiful creatures we are. Over a year ago, I began to dig deeper into myself mentally and emotionally.

I also learned that if I wanted to achieve further understanding of myself - I would need to learn the art of meditation and understanding of my own path.

This last year has brought on so many obstacles that it took me off my focus, which pushed me back into a place I never wanted to return to mentally. As a woman, we have the power to uphold a strength that only we can understand.

I don't know about you but any time I hit a bump in my life, the emotions and determined energies I create to make a comeback always seems to happen at the right moment ....EVERY TIME! No coincidence there.

As I learned to discover myself further and align my energies with purposeful intentions - things have been looking up. There is something about being a woman that just keeps you in a sacred place where you can overcome anything, freely in your own time. A major part of that sacred place lies within the yoni....

My new favorite word nowadays because it describes our special space perfectly in a way that's not degrading.

In other words, your feminine center ....your vaginal flower. For thousands of years women were worshiped for their Yoni’s as it symbolized the creation of life, your place as a goddess, and symbol of eternal beauty worthy of respect + worship. But for many, this is the place in our bodies where we hold the most shame and low esteem due to allowing negative energies to invade.

In the times we're living in now, women are constantly being disrespected and devalued whether consciously or unconsciously by not just men but sometimes even ourselves. As a woman, I know my worth and so should you. It's okay to change how you handle the situations life throws your way. I learned to agree with that. We hold the key to:

- Create beautiful, nurturing environments which nurture all those around them. We are the center of the universe.

- From the Yoni, the Universe is created, born, and nurtured and upon death it is to the Yoni we return.

- The yoni of a woman is the ULTIMATE healer on a cellular level. I'm reading up on chakras to learn how to deeper tap into this level of cleansing.

Research can really be empowering sometimes yo! Ha! Women are bad ass and we have the right to know it! Now let's bask in our glory in our own goddess circle and engage in the sacred twerk!!

The Human Crystal taught me that.


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  1. I love the emotional strength I have as a woman, it's crazy how we actually only show a portion of all the emotions that come over us. I feel it takes strength to hold them in and put others first but also takes strength to show them, to be vulnerable but still be looked up to. Us women really do 'hold it all together' :)

    Mona x

    1. Yassds to ALL of that!! We are pros at this bit we also know well enough that we have to care for us too when things get rough.


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