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February 25, 2016
neoshaloves somethin like a comeback

Where do I actually begin with this blogging biz again. I don't believe I blogged about anything since December of last year - I have my reasons though. I needed a hiatus. I needed to disconnect and recharge.

While away, I was hard at work with implementing more and better ways to grow my startup, CreateHER Stock as well as my own business, HUNCreative. I am a firm believer in self improvrment even when it all seems impossible. But I'm back and refreshed. I got some things under my sleeve and I'm excited to share them with you.

There are some changes you may have already noticed. For one, I finally got a new domain - something that aligns with my life altogether for this blog right now. Remember when blogging was just another outlet used to simply express your likes, dislikes, and so forth? Nowadays, everyone is all about "blogging for business" and "branding your voice" - well, I decided that I'd much rather focus more on getting back to the basics and loving blogging again without the bells and whistles. I already have a love for simplicity as of late so if I can remain authentic and honest in a space that started off as a safe haven for me and still have brands and things come my way, so be it.

When I started blogging a few years ago before "blogging business" went mainstream on the forreal tip - I enjoyed all things beauty and hair, hauls and fashion. Nowadays, my lifestyle has changed. I love less materials and more presence. Here's what you can expect for me in 2016:


Sounds cliche', right? But seriously, since becoming a mother, my life has literally been trying to break me. Sure, online I seem super happy and super positive but I'm human like anyone else - I'm not always as happy as I feel I should be. People have hurt me, people have betrayed me, people have talked trash about me - but I still stand. I've been on a "self-love" journey, like many of us. Putting myself before others (not to be selfish) but simply because for a long time I would just allow things to happen or be said without truly speaking up for myself.

Not anymore. I'm a non-conformist so I'm quick to tell anyone I could care less about how they feel about me. I feel good about me and that's all that matters. I know where my heart is -  and it's never in a place of wanting to hurt others or see them suffer. We all have the power to change how we do things but we don't have the power to change the consequences of things we've already done. I'll be sharing that journey in this space.


Yes, most people don't know I've been vegan for a while now. Not just with food but even with external body care and such. You'll be seeing a lot of creative, vegan meal recipes I've enjoyed on here. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have already caught wind of a few epic goodnesses.


I've downsized A LOT since last year. Hello minimalism! On top of going vegan, going back to the basics, and my self-love and discovery journey - I 've also been a minimalist. This isn't really new for me but I have gone deeper into it in all aspects of my life and businesses. Hopefully, you enjoy what I plan to share on here and back on YouTube - how this simple life stuff makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy what's to come because I am truly happy with where my mindset is about life this year. I have a lot to work on but I continue to improve and would love to help others do the same. Until then, if you want to hop on the list for monthly email love - do it! I tend to share even more there anyway. 


May 8, 2015
10 random places to grab post ideas for your blog

I'm not the only person who finds amusement out of embarrassing things like mistakenly hitting yourself in the face while trying to snuggle in bed as a post to share with the world - right? I'm not. I find myself with a ton of ideas everyday from the most random things but I will accept this gift. I'm sharing a few places you can grab random inspiration to keep your blog fresh and alive!

1. Step Into Your Closet
This is a great place to start, especially if you have a lifestyle or fashion blog. I recently got inspired by my own closet which is how my post on the winter boots I failed to wear came about. 

2. The Foods You Eat
It's no secret that I am a true fatty when it comes to food. I love to eat. I also think that some meals are worthy of a blog post - like these quick meals for lazy foodies like me. Gon' girl and blog about those that meal you and your boo enjoyed. 

3. Your Product Stash
In other words, your collection of makeup, beauty, and hair care. This may not be too uncommon of a choice but I often find myself blogging about a random product I just have laying around that I can talk about if I like it or not. 

4. Look In Your Bag
Whether it be from your recent trip to Target or your small cross-body, I'm sure you can grab an idea from something in there. I did when I shared a few essentials to keep in a small purse.

5. Jewelry Is Always Nice
I haven't personally blogged about my fave accessories to wear YET but its a good idea. I did get inspired by one of my favorite necklaces when I wrote about my fave Brown Girl Bloggers - the photo I took for that post was good enough lol.

6. Got A Kid?
Yep, I'm a mommy so for my parents or god parents - guardians however, out there I find inspiration all the time. I recently shared a few weird things new moms do which I figured most could relate to. Your kids are great sources to blog about.

7. That "Might Be Boring" Thing
Sometimes people actually enjoy reading my random musings on things I thought wouldn't be of great interest but blogged on it anyway. Crazy right? Last year I shared how to discreetly store your Ms. Flo items - got more views than comments so point taken.

8. Your Crappy Feelings
Depending on what you define as crappy though. I just got over my Spring cold so sharing how to kick sick ass naturally seemed to be a great idea at the time. If you're feeling hurt, sick, or even betrayed - that's great fuel for a highly relatable post.

9.  A DIY 
I'm not talking about your Pinterest- famous posts on making your own hanging flower pots but something more subtle like how to use cutting shears. I grabbed that idea from my experience as a cosmetology student who still has her supplies hanging around. You can even share how to tie your shoes while your nail polish dries - ha!

10. Thin Air, Of Course
Whatever you find shareable at the time. I enjoyed writing about my obsession with my LG G3 so our personal indulgences are the real MVPs. From your fave phone apps to help you sleep to your failed yoga pose attempts. The best ideas come from authentic joys in our own lives.



April 10, 2015

2015 has been my year of "stick to your ish girl" mentality. I love blogging and sharing my random thoughts and loves with others on the web. Like many people though, I've experienced my fair share of blogger burnout one too many times.

Last year was pretty inconsistent on this blog. I'd have an idea, write about it, and say...

"Ok, I'll post again next week. Then another one again the week after."


March 24, 2015

I have to say that this year so far has been wonderful in the world of bloggers for me. I'm come in contact with some pretty amazing ladies! Social media doesn't have to be all bad news and drama- it's really allowed me to make great connections and new friendships online.

Create Custom Rotating Popular Posts Images Widget In Blogger

September 19, 2014
custom rotating popular posts widget in blogger

Omg, it's been FORRREVER since I last wrote a post regarding blogging tools and design. I should have known I was onto something when I shared the 5 Ways Bloggers Can Make Money. That post was pretty popular and I've had a few bloggers find great resource in it. 

I recently updated my blog design again as many of you may have noticed. I get bored with my own blog look pretty often lol. I've gotten a few compliments on how my popular posts are set up and figured I'd share with the blogsphere how I achieved the customized version of my popular posts widget.