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I guess you can call me by my government name- Neosha. 24 and I'm the lady behind the blog. I'm a GA-native based somewhere near Atlanta. Aries baby. 90s baby and currently practicing to reach all high vibes, spiritually. #YONIPOWER -  I'm the friend that'll keep it real with you even if you don't want to believe it. I recently became a first-time mom to a beautiful baby boy I named Channing.

Yes... after Channing Tatum, the actor. Don't hate.  I just love the name. 

I'm also the graphic creative designer and business owner of @HUNCreative, a brand design studio for awesome women who mean business. I've been blogging since about 2010 and have come quite a long way from where I was in the beginning. Ina nutshell, I'm a girl boss, who enjoys lounging in her bed- in her nighties- while rocking luscious natural hair and connecting with wonderful women like you. You can find me Tweetin' mostly then Facebookin' - and of course, dropping PhotoBombs!

You can expect to find all things related to my ever-evolving lifestyle, my fave beauty and food addictions, a little bit of personal issues here and there, and more. I don't blog to say I know it all because I honestly don't. I blog in this space to be transparent and to share things I feel may resonate with many of you. All theses things come to discussion - Lifestyle, Beauty, Motherhood,  Product Reviews, and Blogging.

- I'm currently a vegan/plant-based eater.
- I love Optimus Prime. He's my husband in my Wondaland.
- I'm obsessed with nail polish. I own far too many.
- I own a collection of big totes and feminine carry bags.
- I earned my first $1 from a stranger in Walmart when I was one (while wearing a Mickey Mouse tracksuit)
- I'm a "Creative Minimalist-Cric" lol...

The internet is making some changes that you should want to stay in touch with. Let's stick together. If you enjoy my blog or anything I share online, I'd love to keep you up to date on all the latest going on over here on RNG, random things in my life offline, and more! I gotcho' back!

This year in the 2  0  1  6 - I'll be shooting out an email sharing posts you may have missed and all my musings across the web once every other week. Sundays seem to be the best time to me so you can expect for me to say "Heyyyyy Girl!"at least once a month. Get on the list here!

Thank You For Coming By + I Hope You Enjoy What You Read Here!!

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