Before we move forward however...

I do not write sponsored posts or promote on topics/products/services that are not relevant to me or useful to my readers just for the monetary offer. (SEE SPONSORSHIP BELOW)
Some links found on my blog may be linked to affiliations with other companies who pay me a small commission to share their products/services in which I believe, my readers, will enjoy and find to be very beneficial. 

Emailing me regarding design inquires, events, features, collaborations, and more is the fastest way to get to me.  :)


Product Review


Here's an opportunity for you to grow your business through sponsored reviews, by showcasing your products in the tech, design, food, and/or beauty niches. Because my readers trust my brand, I want to enable them to make good purchasing decisions, based on my honest recommendations. My readers come first, therefore I review all products with full integrity.  As an added bonus, you can sponsor a giveaway to go along with your review.  I'm looking to feature great products related to:

  • Eco-Beauty Products
  • Minimalist Lifestyle
  • Plant-Based Foods + Products
  • Baby + Motherhood
  • Tech + Gagets

Black-owned businesses and services is a plus! 

Product Giveaways:
I am happy to partner up with businesses in my niche to host giveaways. I will also post your giveaway products on my social media channels.  I ask that your products fall within one of our the niches above in order to benefit my readers.  Make sure to read my guidelines for reviews and giveaways below.


I reserve the right to reject any sponsor, ad, product, or blog that may be deemed inappropriate.  This is a lifestyle blog and I ask that any and all content be within connection for all of my readers. This includes, but not limited to, extra vulgar profanity and xxx-adult content.  I reserve the right to reject any sponsor, ad, product or blog that I deem does unfit for my readers' interests at any given time.

For product reviews and giveaways:
- ALL sponsored content for review is subject to a $100+ (via Paypal) fee depending on the product and brand (varies). This is for the time I will take to review your product, take photos, and create a fully honest review for my readers and SEO for search engine purposes.
- All products that are reviewed are non-returnable.
- I am not responsible for shipping costs for any product review or giveaway.
- Sample sizes are not accepted. I require full-size products for a more accurate review (and imagery).
- Reviews will go up within two weeks of receiving the product.  If for any reason there is a time conflict, I will contact you asap. 


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