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U by Kotex

Hey lovers, I’m back with an updated review for you! This post may give just some “extra” information about me physically in general BUT, that’s okay. I love to be thorough and we’re all ladies here reading this post…right? lol.

Anywho, I was selected to be apart of the U by Kotex™ campaign and with that came free samples! I received a box of U by Kotex™ Click compact tampons in “Super” to “Do The Demo”. In other words, to try out. Previously, I used the tampon and reviewed them for “early day discharge”. It’s not to be used for that for an entire day or daily period. You can risk getting an infection by doing so for long periods of time/daily. You can learn more here. I was able to really “Do The Demo” and test out the product while on my cycle.

Before I get into that, let me give you a little background information on the Kotex™ brand. I’ve had the pleasure of using them several times for my own feminine hygiene. Kotex™ is owned and managed by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a consumer products corporation active in more than 80 countries. It took me a few years to work up the nerve to switch over to tampons but once I did, U by Kotex™ was my first choice. More so because I love the colored packaging of the product. I’m a gal, so bright colors will always grab my attention. Hey, even the U by Kotex™ website is colorful and fun-looking! Winner!


The U by Kotex™ tampons come in two brands. Sleek and Click. The Sleek are full-sized tampons.

U by Kotex Sleek tampons have a no slip grip for “just right” placement and a smooth tip for easy insertion. The Click (pictured) are compact and ready-to-go tampons. Go from compact to full-sized protection in one easy move. When it clicks, it’s ready to insert. Perfect for when you want to carry a spare in your pocket and avoid the “conceal purse embarrassment”.

U By Kotex tampons come in a compact, re-closable cardboard box.  The tampons come packaged in three super fun and bright colors that feature an easy tear opening. The packaging also makes it easy to slip your used applicator back into the wrapper for disposal. I love the compact/travel-sized ones. Perfect for what I do and they’re super cute in my purse. You may select from three absorbency sizes from each (Regular, Super, and Super Plus).

Choose Your Absorbency

  • Regular- holds 6-9 grams of fluid
  • Super- holds 9-12 grams of fluid
  • Super Plus- holds 12-15 grams of fluid

U by Kotex

NOTE: Be sure you select a range in U by Kotex™ tampons that is necessary to control your menstrual flow if you’re new to tampon usage. For example, if your cycle flow tends be more on the lighter side, regular should be perfect for you.

The right absorbency is important as well if you’re use to using tampons. The minimum should be chosen to reduce your risk of contracting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), an extremely rare, yet preventable disease that can occur in men, women, and children.

U by Kotex

FYI: The “Click” tampons when in package measures at about 7.8cm. When extended, it measures around 11.4cm. I would like to see a longer handle for insertion purposes. That would be great. The handle now is a bit too short in my opinion.


Now for the nitty, gritty. When I purchased my first pack of U by Kotex™, I experienced great protection. My cycle was alive and well then so I felt safe knowing there was a “plug” keeping me from extra spotting and such. If you’re a first time tampon user, you’ll have instructions guiding you on how to insert your U by Kotex™ tampon correctly to avoid leakage. (Be sure the white string is visible and to wash your hands, ladies!)

When I tried the U by Kotex™ for this review on my latest cycle, I experienced the same results. My flow tends to be heavy in the first day or two so the protection I experienced was great. The tampons are very easy to use and not discomforting at all. You should not feel the tampon. If you do, it’s not fully inserted correctly. My sister experienced great comfort and protection when I let her do the “menstrual” test. No spotting, no leaking, no discomfort. She actually enjoyed the look and feel-less of it.

If you haven’t tried U by Kotex™ tampons, you totally should! You can get a free sample here.  Be sure to connect with U by Kotex™ on Facebook and Twitter!


U by Kotex

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Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

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