5 Tips For Perfect Instagram Photos for Bloggers


Tips For Perfect Instagram Photos for Bloggers

I love Instagram and naturally as a blogger, I also love taking pretty pictures… I’m not a professional photog by any means but we all have that special gift that allows us to learn the basics right?

I often admire several bloggers whose Instagrams are flooded with gorgeous photos that really share a lot about who they are, what they love, and the things that keep them different from others.

I always said I wanted my Instagram profile to be more “clean” and to achieve that, I’ve been using these 5 tips for perfect Instagram photos for bloggers like you and me.


I recently got into the habit of trying my very best to incorporate more natural light in my Instagram photos. I’ve even gone as far as going outside to take a photo for my blog like this. Natural light, in essence, really creates a captivating image. Gives it a very crisp and “open” feel. No filters here, but you may decide to play with saturation and things. There is also nothing wrong with using professional lighting if you take your photos with a DSLR.

Lighting for Instagram Photos

Natural Light (Left) – Professional Light (Right)


In other words, that fancy way you choose to angle your photos. I’m a big fan of off-balanced imagery. It really gives Instagram photo viewers something to really stop and notice subconsciously. Sometimes your focal point could be in either four corners, the very top of someones head, or even a single dead-on in a weird kind of way, like my images below.

Composition for Instagram Photos


When Instagram became super popular, I think we’re all a tad guilty of going filter-crazy. You can definitely see the evolution of my IG profile since I first downloaded the app. I’ve been using lesser filters. When and if I do ever use a filter, my favorites are Valencia and Amaro. In some cases, using a filter can always add an extra kick to your photos. Perpetua definitely gave this photo some depth instead of just “another snapshot” image.

Filter for Instagram Photos

Perpetua Filter (Left) – No Filter (Right)


This is where it can get fun. You have an array of options. I’ve recently taken to the photos I see where the backgrounds are purely white. I love that and once I find the perfect white table to take snapshots, better believe I’ll be all over the white background trend. I guess depending on your brand, your mood, or how you simply choose to take a photo, you can go from having random objects behind your focal point, an all black background, a tan wall, a pedestrian intersection, etc… whatever floats your boat.

Background for Instagram Photos


Imitation is the best form of flattery… most times. It never hurts to grab inspiration from others whose photos you love to see. Get creative! Your photos don’t always have to be in a “box”, try rectangular compositions too! If you’re really feeling yourself, try to create a grid of one whole image within your profile. The possibilities are endless.

Inspiration for Instagram Photos

IG: @emilyley (Left) – IG: @thealishanicole (right)

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  1. Lighting is the bain of my existence! I can never get it right lol. Great tips though!

  2. Lol I understand the feeling. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Hi Neosha. (We're Twitter pals). Just showing your blog some love. Where do I subscribe?

    I'll look out for you on IG. I recently joined, so I appreciate your tips.

    One Love!

    ~ Nadine

  4. I absolutely love this! I use Instagram often and try to make my profile neat and uniform in rectangular boxes. I'm no photographer but it's a feature that really helps make your pics stand out. Awesome tips!! #browngirlbloggers

  5. Thank you for writing this up. I mostly use my Insta for personal purposes, but a lot of these are helpful tips that really needed to be put into words. Also, your instagram is super slean, girl! props!.


  6. I use Instagram for a number of reasons, but mostly to document my day-to-day if anything interesting happens. Valencia is by far my favorite filter. I use that filter for at least 75% of my IG photos. I've really been into VSCO Cam lately, so if I use a filter there then I won't add an Instagram filter (that's doing too much in my opinion). These were really helpful tips, especially the one about lighting and composition.

    Drea | http://www.thedreadaily.com

  7. Heyy! Thanks so much again for stopping by. You can follow via the Bloglovin button above 🙂

  8. Whooot! Glad you enjoyed this post. I totally understand the uniformity.

  9. Yassss and thank you!!!!! I try…I try.

  10. Drea!!! I'm so with you. I've heard great things about the VSCO cam. Might have to chrck it out. But so glad you stopped by!

  11. Happy to stop by. Yes, girl, check it out and lemme know what you think when you do. 🙂

  12. Love this! Thanks for the tips. I've been thinking about sharing more of my day to day life and this will definitely help!

  13. You should totally try it! So glad I could help!

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