Weave is NOT Natural | The Stereotype of the “Natural-Haired Woman”


Aw! Here we go again! I recently had a small-minded person use my own ammunition against me. I must say, I’ve definitely said my peace about women and weaves. For the past month I haven’t worn my natural hair, it’s been protected. There is a difference with a woman rocking a weave as a necessity versus a woman rocking weave as an accessory.

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My opinion is that if you NEVER rock your own hair, natural or not, there may be an underlying discomfort or that a woman may not see herself as beautiful unless she’s living in what society defines as beautiful or sexy. Kind of like how they say being skinny is better than being big. Not true. everyone isn’t meant to be a size 0 or a size 16, simple as that. A woman that wears a weave every blue moon is a versatile woman. A chameleon in her own right. Confidence is her name. I was told, “Why are you wearing weave if you’re natural? Isn’t that being a fake? What was the point of going natural for you then?”

*Screeching tires* PAUSE… REALLY?

Clearly, this person does not know me well enough if they had to ask me that. Let’s break down a few points.

  1. Yes, I am 100% natural and I ONLY wear weave or add extensions whenever I want to change up my look. it’s exciting. Of course, I love wearing my fro out over anything for the most part. Protective styling is a way of life for a girl that loves her birth-given head of hair. We have that choice to do so if we want. It’s okay to rock a weave if you’re natural. It’s definitely not taboo. Many women find that the versatility that wigs, weaves, or whatever are great accents to any girly girls overall wardrobe savvy. For me, I can be a super curly Diana Ross one day and the next day, I can be a super straight Beyonce. We all have a preference. Who the hell says you can’t do what you want with your hair. If you buy it, it’s yours, right? lol.
  2. As far as being fake, it’s not. Again, we all have a preference. People who tend to not think outside the box are generally people who tend to stay in the business of other people. Why does a “natural woman” have to be fake all of a sudden if she decides to get a sew-in or purchase a wig? Why does what they have on their head matter to you? I have nothing against wigs or weaves unless it’s extra shiny and cheap-looking. I just can’t respect that. But hey, whatever floats your sailboat. The best thing about being a woman in her own world is that we can do what we want. Our various styles, looks, skin tones, and facial beauty is what defines us, WOMAN.
  3. I went natural because like many women, relaxers damaged my hair. I was like everyone, I HAD to have a relaxer to keep my “nappy roots” hidden. I could not stand frizzy hair or dull hair. I grew up thinking I had to have my hair straight because it was the best way to tame my negro blood. Boy, was I lied to. The thing about growing up and forming your own views and opinions is welcoming once you find where you lay on the cycle of life. Having natural hair has given me a new kind of beauty for myself. It’s taught me to be patient and more aware. Honestly, people seem to prefer me naturally beautiful than all “dolled”. I must admit, we can’t win for losing. Regardless of whether you’re natural or not, there will always be negative. You can be natural with blond-dyed hair and haters will call you fake. You can be a relaxed woman with a cakey face and doll lashes, you also can be referred to as fake. So, what do I say? TO HELL with the haters. People will talk all day, everyday. Natural or not, your style is your own. Your choice of hair styles are your own preference. Continue to do what you find great. Forget the rest. I love my natural hair. I even love the alter egos I create when I change my hair just as much …can we say Nicki!! 😀

It’s not about how you wear it; it’s all about how you grab the attention. Give them a good reason to look at you …So how fun are you with your hair?

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Style (Versatile). Natural & Having Fun!

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