Heading Back to Fro Lane – No Genie Magic


I have so been neglecting my blog as of late. It’s been three weeks since I made a post. “Gots tah be mo’ careful!” lol. No worries though. I’ve been super busy with a lot of new things. I’m excited. Quick update: My small business is growing. Creating tees, graphics and other things from the comfort of my own home. Check out my FB Fan Page 🙂 …In other news, my college major is being switched. I’m merging my Web Development into Digital Cinematography. Yay!! I’m going to love this. Oh, and I’ve also been back on my writing. I might be publishing an eBook fairly soon. *hint hint*

Back to the matter at hand, I’m finally getting the time to take down my genie locs. Yep. Doing that and writing this post as of now. I miss seeing my fro. Surprisingly. Not having to get up extra early to do my hair has been quite nice. It’s been about two or three months since I’ve put them in. I have new growth everywhere and it’s getting out of hand. They gotta go!!

Neosha's genie locs

I have enjoyed this protective style. What’s next? It is still winter after all. Anywho, I have much work to do. Omg, I even just realized that I hadn’t eaten all day. It’s 10:33 PM. *sigh* I must feast quickly. See you in the next post wonderful people. 🙂

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