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Hooray for birthday celebrations!!! I celebrated my 21st on March 27th. Yay! I'm pretty sure the next post will be in regards to my birthday as well but hey! During my haul, I purchased a few pieces to put together with my outfit of the evening. The skirt, tank, and watch were new purchases. Oh, and my hair was new too, lol. At my dinner party, I definitely felt like Naomi Campbell or some super fierce model. Fashion on a budget. What you think?

The skirt was the highlight of the party that night. Definitely my favorite piece from my ensemble. It was form fitting to my body and just made me feel great! 

My fave accessory from this outfit had to be the necklace. It was on sale so I HAD to get it. It's not everyday when you can get a $36 necklace for $7. Sale Steal!!!

1. Arizona Tank (JC Penny)
2. Bodycon Tribal Skirt (Charlotte Russe)
3. Colorblock Pumps (Urban OG)
4. Vintage Purse (Goodwill)
5. Crop Blazer (JY Lamis)

6. Leopard Print Watch (Sears)
7. Earrings (Wet Seal)
8. Toucan Necklace (JC Penny)

Awesome birthday outfit right? I say yes! Be sure to look for me All Over the Web! :)


  1. Nice and let me tell one thing that it not my hobby to post comment on other blogs but this is very well so i made up my mind to post comment.

  2. So cute! I'm loving that skirt, Neosha! I hope you enjoyed your bday!

    1. Thanks!!! I really did, it was a great time!

  3. awesomeee pieces luv the skirt n heels


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