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Lola and Doe

You ever wondered why you use certain products whenever it comes to caring for our skin? I mean, really why…

Is it because of social media? Is it because your doctor prescribed it to you? Is it because you’re trying whatever promises to clear your skin issues up. I can attest to my own personal experiences that clear, radiant, and thriving skin starts from the inside. Cliche … I know.

Growing up, I had some serious anxiety and embarrassment over the blemishes I had from chickenpox as a kid. I literally never wanted to wear shorts or short sleeves. Yes, wearing a jacket in the summer time was also me. I remember being told to soak in the questionable oatmeal baths, applying steroid creams, etc. All just to help my skin get clear again. Up until my teens years, my mom was the person buying whatever was cheap to do the job. Needless to say, not only did I experience skin ups and downs – but I became slightly obsessed with skincare.

Here is an accurate depiction of my 15 year old self.

Me: St.Ives makes my skin feel so good! I love apricot.

Me (the Kermit): But should it feel and smell good or actually work? You have a new rash.

Me: *reads ingredients* What is Cocamidopropyl Betaine? Oh well.

Me (the Kermit): Sounds hella shady Ne.

Here is an accurate depiction of my 17 year old self.

Me: I leveled up on you niccas! Got the whole line of Olay + I only bathe in the finest of Bath + Body Works. Love Spell is life!

Me (the Kermit): Yeeaahh… but those UTIs though? Summer’s Eve isn’t making it better.

Me: *reads ingredients* *gets curious, does research* Wtf?

Me (the Kermit): Welcome to the road less traveled sis.

The Rabbit Hole

Ever since then, I’ve tried my best to research as much as I could about ingredients. I was still a teen so I didn’t take the research as serious as I do now. I would find “healthier” versions of things when possible and use those. It wasn’t until 2014 after I had my son that I started asking more questions and being even more curious. I even went full on vegan after I discovered my son had multiple food allergies – he was then breastfeeding + I ate all the dairy and meats under the sun. I went cold turkey.

It’s amazing the things you learn after some research and run-ins with ill-informed doctors. Today, my skin and body care is probably 97% holistic and fully organic. I recently tried a new brand of skincare I discovered through the Hotep Twitter crew lol.

Enter Lola + Doe, a small business that makes handmade, 100% organic, artisanal luxury goods for your skin. A bonus is that it’s Black-owned – ya’ll know I love supporting our own. The more I dug into learning about how corporate a-holes like Dove, Olay, and other mainstream brands are literally profiting by supplying poison – the more I pushed for using holistic products.

There are no guidelines for what’s being used in these mainstream products. Fragrance is a popular ingredient that can literally be code name for anything (beetle piss, fetus flesh, etc). You just never know! 85% of the skin and body care products found in stores include things like:

  • Parabens.
  • Phthalates.
  • Triclosan.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Benzophenone.
  • BPA.

…and more. All things that contribute to you having issues staying focused during the day, failing to lose the weight you continue to put on, and of course – contribute to serious illness (i.e – cancer). Yet, many people don’t care because – lack of knowledge and lots of these products are “cheap” and market to their insecurities. Would you pass up a $3 face wash that promised to clear your skin in 10 days if you have acne (and can’t afford to see a dermatologist)? Just saying…

We already have toxins in the air we breath and food we consume – why continue to willingly put it on our skin? The largest organ we own. Of course, things like detoxing, drinking more water, and eating a healthier diet can help folks’ entire being evolve … but if you want to start somewhere, start with everyday products in your home.

Prior to discovering Lola + Doe, I used Dr. Bronners products. Though there are a couple of ingredients they use that I’m still finicky over and their bath liquids are a bit drying, my search for a dope skin and body care brand was in heavy flow.

They just stood out to me. Even in the world of the hundreds of organic social media brands. I purchased from Lola + Doe on January 11, 2019. Since the products are basically made to order, I expected there to be a wait before shipping and delivery. They shipped my order out on January 28th and it was delivered to me on February 4th. Here’s what I purchased (and yes, I’m a proud affiliate for their company):

  • Choco’holic Face Scrub.
  • Apple Cider + Tea Tree Toner.
  • Mint To Be Face Wash.
  • My Morning Sunshine.
  • Lemongrass + Hemp Bar Soap.
  • Honey + Hemp Bar Soap.
  • Mint Detox Bar Soap.

You can obviously tell I have a love for hemp and mint. But I’ve used these products everyday since delivery. There was a mishap with packaging that caused some of the Sunshine wash to leak out. I was told to file a claim with USPS but later decided to just take an L. I wasn’t gonna hold that issue against them. I know how it is dealing with customers as a small business myself. No big.

Every ingredient you can read and understand completely. The products are light, not heavy on the skin, and have visible results! I’ve seen some of their customers mention having success with clearing eczema and other skin ailments. My faves are the toner and mint face wash for sure – though they’re all great!

Less is more when it comes to my skincare routine.

Check them out! They also offer body oils, scrubs, body wash (castile soaps), and products for your little ones. Take care of the babies. There is so much to learn and discover in this world. Don’t allow the bliss of ignorance to set you up for a life you’ll only want to talk about changing when sh*t hits the fan. Treat yourself and your health to some Lola + Doe.

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