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kirby lauryen

It was a pleasure being able to interview such a humble spirit. Her videos capture the essence of every song she writes. Her voice eludes you into emotion and speaks passion into you. She’s definitely a talented, young woman. Having consistent uploads of her own songs, who else do you know can write over 150 plus new songs in 150 plus days? Her name is Kirby. Enjoy the interview. ^_^

Neosha: Who is Kirby? Share with us a little bit about yourself?
Kirby: I’m a singer-songwriter. I love music and sometimes I like to be a fly on the wall and sing about what’s going on in my life. I am private in speech, but public in song. I’m my mother’s youngest child, a sister… I love chocolate and anything vintage. I am from a small town in Mississippi but went to college in Boston so I say Yo and Y’all quite often.

Neosha:How did your love for music manifest? When did you realize singing would be your passion?
Kirby: I don’t know how it manifested, but it was always something I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I realized that I sang for no other reason besides I love this, that I realized it was my passion. That happened in high school, it changed from something that I could do & loved, to a passion.

Neosha: Is there someone or people you credit for inspiration?
Kirby: I give majority of the credit to my mother and sister. I started piano and vocal lessons around the age of 7, and I think that changed everything. Most people follow things that they know they are good at, but often times it takes someone saying, “Hey, you’re good at this” for you to notice that you have a gift. So if my mother would’ve never said, “My daughter is good, I’m going to help her be great” I don’t know where I would be.

Neosha: Wheredid this idea of posting a song a day to your YouTube channel come from? Also,do you have a favorite that you’ve shared so far?
Kirby: You know how they say the greatest ideas & inventions come out ofdesperate times? Well I believe Song A Day was just that. I know the idea was a God-sent because I nevereven considered writing A Song A Day before this. The last few days of December2011, I started to realize that if I don’t know start making a consistenteffort to make my dreams come true, then they wouldn’t happen, & I couldn’tallow that.

My favorite Song A Day so far. Wow, it changes weekly. I really like the songswith the best stories. Like AMERICAN DREAM #DAY121 or RED#22 EARTHQUAKE#136, Ican’t name a favorite. I love them all.

Neosha: You’vealready made some major accomplishments. From opening up for Anthony Hamiltonto getting praise from Jennifer Hudson, herself for your cover to her single,”Where You At”. What’s next for you?
Kirby: I hope to be touring soon, and Iwill be releasing some official music videos hopefully by this summer.Definitely going to release a new EP before the summer ends.

kirby lauryen

Neosha: How would you describe your soulful vocals? What genre of music would you consideryour music to be?
Kirby: I hope to be an easy listen. I don’t want to sound like I’m yelling atyou. You know? If you’re in a car ridingfor 8 hours, I want you to be able to listen to me & not get tired. As anartist, my musical home is R&B, but I want to venture into Adult Pop-Contemporary. As a songwriter, I really want to find a homein country music. I absolutely adore the songwriting in country music.

Neosha: You’re a southern bell. Growing up in Mississippi, one of the most famous states thatbirthed some of the best music to ever hit the South. Many have said that youare sure to have your spot in music that will be played through generations.What do you believe is the focal “it” factor that makes your sound so differentand memorable?
Kirby: You know Stevie Wonder makes you happy, Ray Charles makes you happy, Etta James “At Last” Makes you happy, TheBeatles make you happy, Michael Jackson,Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston… their music made you happy. Even when it was asad song it didn’t matter because it felt true . And when something is true, itmight hurt but inevitably it leads you to being happy. And that’s what I try todo with music. I try to give you the truth as I know it, & I think thatmakes people happy. I am not selling them a cheap high or thrill, I am notselling anything actually. I am simply conveying my truth, about love, aboutpain, about life, about relationships in hopes that in some way… It makes you happy.

Neosha: You have so many amazing songs that I relate to so easily. One of my favorites is, Day 133, “Ex of Mine”. You sing of heartbreak, love, happiness, pain, and so much more.Where does your “A Song A Day” inspiration come from so quickly?
Kirby: Awww I love that one, so I’m gladits one of your favorites. You know I think we all have ways we process things,and I process life through writing. Even in college, I noticed that songs docome quicker to me than per say the next person, but that’s nothing I takecredit for. I thank God for that ability.

Neosha: When should we anticipate seeing you walk thered carpet accepting more than 5 grammy awards in one night? Your voice is sobeautiful. The industry needs more authentic talent such as yours.
Kirby: Thank You ! Thank you! J I say soon because I am a positive thinker. And likeKanye said, “nobody believed me until I believed me.” I try not to put a dateon things because you have to let life take its time, but I believe the datewill be soon… in it’s perfect timing.

Neosha: You’rean inspiration. What advice would you give to those who want to share with theworld a talent they were blessed with? Any words of encouragement or faith thatyou live by?
Kirby: I would say don’t despise the dayswhen it feels like no doors are opening for you. Often times when nothing ishappening on the outside, there’s a change happening on the inside of you. Soyou have to Believe in your destiny & don’t compare yourself to anyone.NEVER. There’s only one you.

Check out on of my many favorites by this beautiful woman.

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  1. Really awesome interview. Kirby is AWESOME! Much continued love and success to her. She totally deserves it! 🙂 Blessings to all.

  2. Great interview … I love Kirby, she is such a gifted individual.

  3. Thank you and definitely!! She is an amazing spirit!! Very talented!

  4. That she is! 🙂

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