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DeAnna Eure

What’s your hair type?

I don’t get into hair typing all that much but if I had to guess, I would be a mix of 4a/4b with a little 4c in the crown.


How Long Have You Been Natural?

I have been Natural for about 2 years now. I spent the first year not knowing what the heck to do with my hair and losing length as a result of that, but now I know what works and I can see my hair thriving from what I have learned.

DeAnna Eure natural

What Styles Are Shown In Your Photos?

The first photo is some kinky twists I did myself that I was super proud of! The second photo is a flat twist out that I didn’t let completely dry, but I ended up liking the frizz. The third is a Bantu knot out that I did on my blow dried hair.

DeAnna Eure first photo

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