A Purple Holiday with Firmoo


A Purple Holiday with Firmoo

Happy Holidays! It’s the end of the year and I figured I’d share my final “style” post for the year. Thanks to my good friends over at Firmoo, I’ll also be sharing my latest pair of glasses. Of course they’re just what I needed to make this post worth the wait.

If you haven’t seen my other two favorite pairs from Firmoo, you may here. Anywho, my holiday outfit was paired with mt titanium 4 eyes from their 2014 Fall Collection. I adore them. I love to keep my attire simple, chic, and for the most part a bit minimal so these glasses fit perfectly.

The material is made out of titanium and the lens are semi-rimless. Price? You can have for $46! Mines are personally non-prescription since I only wear glasses for style.

Firmoo 2014 Fall Collection

As always, you can expect the wonderful packaging to come with an eyeglass washcloth as well as key ring lens adjuster. I love that this pair is super lightweight but sturdy. Perfect accent to any outfit, in my opinion. Their fall collection is definitely filled with a lot of new eye candy lol…Get it?

Firmoo 2014 Fall Collection

I live in Georgia so the weather was bipolar as always. It was pretty chilly outside but since the sun was out, it easily got warmer to the point of feeling hot. I kept it light with a black coat, purple long-sleeve cardigan top, and jeans. My hair, which is in a protective style (box braids) was pinned up into a bun.

Firmoo 2014 Fall Collection

The shoes

JustFab boots

The shoes… the shoes!!! My newest addition to my closet just in time for the new year. Got these babies from JustFab, of course! They are the My favorite time of the Fall/Winter season is being able to wear boots. I like these especially for the sturdy heel and platform. As a new mom, often carrying around an infant, these shoes kept me steady and balanced.

My bag

My bag of choice has been my go-to since July. The Legacy bag, also from JustFab. Both JF items were $39.95 as a VIP member. I just had to have a purple bag to seal the deal. Very roomy, lightweight, and durable.

JustFab bag

What accessory do you pair most often with your outfits during the snuggle weather season? Interested in shopping with Firmoo?

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