2011 Fall Eye Makeup Trends


September is here and the beauty world is at it again, bringing many more new ideas to your eye look. I especially love the Fall season because it’s the start of my favorite wardrobe haul. Boots, blazers, tights, etc. Get inspired by the runway models you see rocking many looks to give your own train case a wake up call. Go old Hollywood with bold red lips and winged cat eyes or retro with bright purples and golds.

I have been doing them all. I love eye makeup. Take a peek at a few recent looks I’ve worn:

Quick Beauty Tips & Tricks from NeoshaGEE:

  1. Invest in a great eye primer. It doesn’t have to be $35, smh. If you’re a beauty-nista on a budget like myself, check out ELF Cosmetics. Great quality makeup that’s super affordable. I personally love them.
  2. Before applying any foundations, be sure to have a cleansed face. The key to flawless looking makeup (& skin) is having a clean and moisturized face.
  3. Just because a makeup line has an expensive name brand does NOT mean that it’s the best of the best. You would be surprised at what people will spend for wack products.

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