8 strange things new moms are sure to do


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I’ve been a mom for 9 months as of the 21st. I can honestly say that I never would have expected to enjoy motherhood as much as I have been. I expected the worse – especially since most women were quick to tell me what to expect when in reality, I have yet to deal with any of the things they mentioned.

If you read the crazy cause of my pregnancy, then you would know that I legit had no plans of making a baby. The hubs and I were too focused on getting our ish together at the time. So imagine my surprise …. As if I didn’t know what the art of lovemaking could bring.

Since being someone’s mommy, I have become so much of a cheese ball. I do random outbursts and dance moves to making wild faces and enjoying the struggle of cleaning poop off my arm just because I AM A MOM. If you are guilty of doing ANY of these things, just know you’re not alone + a good excuse would be that women are just created to do things like this anyway.

  1. Put your nose by baby’s mouth + enjoy the infant breath
  2. Get into the habit of smelling baby feet
  3. Make weird noises + faces in public or while shopping
  4. Become a creep + smell the little one for poop no matter where you are
  5. Allow their breastfed infant to be curious + “finger” your nipple
  6. Enjoy baby’s learning games + songs more than them
  7. Find a way to keep baby small forever (by hoarding things you should let go of – i.e diapers)
  8. Create random songs out of thin air

Yes, I am guilty of doing all of them. No shame over here. I totally understand the looks and comments I get now because before baby Channing, I would see a mom and thing she was the weirdest ever for the things she did. Respect ladies…. Respect.

What are some things you would consider to be weird that you’ve done or seen a new mom do?

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