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High heels are every fashionable girls’ bestfriend. Many of us are also super guilty of putting our discomfort before our own comfort when weraing high heels. Anything in the name of style, right? I’ve been keeping my collection to a minimum so the urge to splurge on my next pair of stilettos is a tough cookie to break but I have prevailed.

If you own heels, especially over 4 inches, you’ve more than likely experienced that foot pain we all hate. Ever wonder how Beyonce makes rocking those 6+ inches look flawless (even while pregnant)? – The one thing you’ll need is scotch tape or nude medical tape. BAM. Mystery solved. Why?

  • When you wear heels, pressure is created on a shared nerve between two of your middle toes. The 3rd + 4th.
  • Use either tape mentioned and wrap your two toes closest to your pinky toe.
  • Wrapping them together (not too tight though) will remove the strain and pressure off the nerve allow you to rock your heels like Sasha Fierce.
  • You should also take obvious precautions to avoid butt-hurt feet.

  • Make sure you’re wearing the correct shoe size. If you don;t know, go get them sized at any shoe store or luxury department like Macy’s/ It’s free.
  • Find a befitting heel preference for your weight and height. I love a good chunky heel but I can also rock a fab skinny stiletto. I wouldn’t recommend stilettos daily though unless you’re sitting majority of the time – so switch it up sometimes.
  • KNOW your foot type. In other words – learn about your foot arch and such. A simple way to do this without going to a podiatrist is wetting the bottom of your feet and making an imprint on paper. The outcome will let you know if you have a flat foot or high arch. More here.
  • Thin soles are guaranteed to cause pain so you may want to try wearing heels that have a bit of platform to help offset some of the pressure when you’re walking. THIS IS A GODSEND for me. Tip: A rubbery-like sole is great at absorbing pressure.

Of course, buying insoles for comfort, taking foot rest breaks, and even wearing heels with some coverage or straps across your feet also help (great for blister and friction-prone ladies). The little tape wrap trick I would avoid if wearing open-toe heels though – unless you want to make a fashion statement with tape on your toes in your fashion blog photos, then be my guess. The best way to be 100% pain-free though is keeping a pair flats or tennis shoes handy – ha!

What ways do you use to ease the pain of wearing heels?

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  1. I have a high instep and a narrow heel -_- I swear when it's comfortable then it flapping off the back since my heel is narrow and nothing seems to help so I end up with wedges when I want some fierce heels #soulcry LOL

  2. I have flat feet and have basically given up on wearing heels. Lol… I do wear wedges sometimes but it's so hard to get used to wearing any other type of heel. I appreciate this post, you've given me some tips that keep my hope alive.

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