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This post has been a long time coming. Outside of holistic beauty tricks, I try to make sure my makeup purchases are always cruelty-free and vegan if I'm lucky. For starters, my makeup collection NEVER use to be this small. I was someone who once loved spending money on clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup.

Like seriously, I hoarded some of everything!

A few years ago when I was heavy into purchasing various makeup and beauty products, I literally had a collection that could have me looking like a legit MUA. This was before I had kids, of course.

After becoming a mom, I really just wanted to purge and get rid of the overwhelm I felt when going through piles of my things. So, I got rid of a lot, including makeup over the years - hence, my love for the more minimal and simple things in life now. I love having the more natural look and glow. Keep it simple.

Not only does my keep it simple mantra really reflect how I purchase and collect things, everything I have now all merge with each other. From a specific set of colors in my wardrobe to my jewelry to my makeup. I stick to the basics, which allows me to not have to worry about whether I have clothes to wear that I won't have to take hours piecing together alongside going through an entire forever makeup application, and so forth.

Looking back now on the amount of money I spent and wasted - I'm glad I grew out of that phase entirely because.... ridiculous. Let's get into what I use now.

minimal makeup collection for natural beauty neoshaloves

I don't wear makeup often at all but when I do it's for things such as events, photos, my birthday, or date nights. Any other day, it's au natural baby! I always say there's no point in wearing makeup if your skincare routine doesn't exist - I definitely like to make sure my skin is cared for properly before, during, and after. 

Moisture is my personal friend so I make sure to moisturize and prep my face before using makeup. I'm a fan of the Black Radiance BB creams so that is all I use to lightly apply to my face along with a concealer that I mostly use for my under-eyes and eyelids.  

• Black Radiance BB Cream - 8917 Cafe (or 8921 Coffee Glaze), whichever is available.
• L.A Colors Pro Conceal HD Concealer - GC984 Toffee

minimal makeup collection for natural beauty neoshaloves

I own three small and compact makeup palettes these days but this one is my go-to every single time. All the colors reflect the taste of my wardrobe and love for neutrals. I usually rock browns and golds on my eyes. I don't use a primer on my eyes - only the LA Colors concealer. My liner of choice has been a liquid liner as of late. When I have more time, I may use my cream liner and angled brush to get my wing on - both in the color black.

My other two palettes feature one with 5 colors on the smoky + shimmery side (blacks, silvers, coppers, etc) and the other features 4 more "colorful" shades (Indigo, Red, Deep Purple, and Magenta Pink)...just for when I'm feeling fun and wanting to play with my look.

• Coastal Scents Go Palette - Cairo
• Coastal Scents Liquid Eyeliner - Jet

minimal makeup collection for natural beauty neoshaloves

My favorite part of wearing makeup when I do - lip color. I am head over heels with matte lips. I own three matte liquid lip colors that I love - the red being my ultimate go-to usually for just a pop of color. I have a color for a different type of look I go for - sultry, vamped, and laid back. Make sure you prep those lips and make sure they're nice and smooth before rocking a matte lip - or any lip color for that matter. 

Coloured Raine Cosmetics - Cherry Blossom
Coloured Raine Cosmetics - Roulette
Coloured Raine Cosmetics - Mars

Of course I have tools - one set of makeup brushes, my favorite mascara, and even a finishing spray. That's the bulk of it, literally. 

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