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There is an arsenal of go-to products that many of us run to for very particular needs. These happen to be some of my favorites! From oral care to skincare. NOTE: A few links are affiliate links so if you make a purchase, I get a few pennies and what not lol.

Here is a list of products I’ve been using faithfully since purchasing them. All known to either increase your health or help you feel “put together”.

The wellness stuff

  • Unrefined Sesame Seed Oil $7- known most for being used in hair health but I make use of this oil for my oral hygiene. If you’ve ever heard of oil pulling, then that’s what I do. Most people use coconut oil but sesame is more of a breeze for me. I usually add tea tree oil to the sesame oil.
  • Ora Organics Probiotic Powder $16 – this is a vegan powder supplement with nothing but probiotics and prebiotic along with both organic apple and raspberry flavor. It includes 6 strains that aid in digestive health and immune function. My kiddos enjoy it and so do I so its a winner.
  • Wild Cape Manuka Honey $34 – if you know nothing of this amazing honey, you’re missing out. Firstly, its potency and antimicrobial properties are wonderful. It can be consumed in teas or as is – and my favorite, on skin! I apply it to my daughter’s skin for healing the skin of her eczema. Great for intestinal and other stomach issues. It’s also a sore throat life-saver! Sidenote – this isn’t the honey you buy at a Kroger as it can be a little pricey for some.
  • Nature’s Gold Manuka Honey Ointment $14 – adding to my love of manuka honey is this ointment. No, it doesn’t smell minty or like a lot of pharmacy-bought ointments either. Last year, my son was being a daredevil and ended up getting his neck caught in the pull strings of my window blinds – which left a huge fabric burn across his neck, ouch! I purchased this and applied twice daily + it literally healed it within 2 weeks. NO SCAR. NO NOTHING! It is now a staple in my first aid kit.
  • Lagunamoon Essential Oils $16 – I just really love essential oils. I began to dig deeper into them early 2018 so ever since, I’ve enjoyed using them for various things. I use tea tree, clove, and peppermint most for oral care, eucalyptus is GREAT when added to the washer (for laundry), and lemon smells amazing in the diffuser. This set of oils though smells amazing as soon as you open the box. Reminds me of bubblicious original bubble gum in the 90s or holiday potpourri lol.
  • Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Powder $27 – I’ve used this since January and I love this stuff! I use the original vs the berry flavor because I prefer the most basic of green powders. This is mostly alkalizing ingredients like spirulina, chlorella, burdock root, dandelion, and more. I usually add this to my smoothies or to my water. It’s not meant to taste “good” obviously – it’s raw greens and probiotics, but it is amazing with teas and smoothies.

The beauty stuff

  • Jackie Aina x ABH Eyeshadow Palette $45 – Yes, I finally got my share of this palette. The first palette I’ve bought in literally 4 years. It’s beautiful aesthetically and the colors are lovely. You can watch the many youtube reviews on this but the colors stick! I would say money well spent.  Faves: Zamn, Wiggalese, Pinker, Big Wig, Credit, and Ginger.
  • DTK Nail Polish $14 – This is not the first time I’ve mentioned DTK polish on my blog but it is still a go-to. Black-woman owned for the win! I always run to the “After 5” shade but as I write this post, I’m rocking their “Shattered Ceilings” shade.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hill Matte Lipstick (Rust) $18 – If you’ve seen me, chances are you’ve seen me with this beautiful shade of rich brown on my lips (also the color I’m wearing in my blog headshots). It’s become my “signature statement” if you will. I love a good matte lippie so this is the goat.
  • Base Butter Body Love Cream $19 – Made my first purchase from this brand months ago and delivery issue aside, it’s a great body butter. Smells good, locks in moisture into my skin, and gives a light glisten to mimic some serious sun-kissed melanin.
  • Base Butter Radiant Face Jelly $21 – I’ve basically put all my face oils on the back burner and have been using this face jelly like its my last on earth. It feels amazing on my skin – my skin loves it. Soaks into the skin nicely and leaves it feeling baby soft. Very happy that they switched the packaging for this too because the squeeze top wasn’t great. Love the ease of just being able to dip, apply, and go.

That’s it. That’s the post. If any of these items tickle your fancy, you should definitely make moves to give them a try. I’ll be following this post up with a video for a more in-depth review of the products mentioned. I stand by each one for my own personal use and enjoyment. Have you tried any of them before?

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