The Small Bag Essential Must-Haves


The Small Bag Essential Must-Haves

Every girl has her own views as to what essentials should be. I personally have various sets of them. Since 2015 is my year to explore the world of minimalism, letting go of MANY things is a tedious task for me.

I’m a big tote bag kind of girl. I just really love big bags. I collect them. Lately though, I’ve learned to travel lightly. Especially being a new mom and all. The less I have to carry the better.

Always keep a scent

I know I’m not the only one who cringes whenever I walk into a public restroom and small nothing but foulness. Like, what kind of women leave horrid smells like that? I have to carry a small bottle of perfume AT ALL TIMES! I also spray after myself. Something mama taught me since the very beginning.

Fragrance: Far Away by Avon -My favorite scent because my late grandmother LOVED wearing this.

Ashiness be gone

Uh yeah, if you don’t carry a travel-sized lotion of some sort, you losing. Sometimes I’ll lotion my entire body and legit forget my hands. Definitely not cute having dry skin between your fingers so keeping a small lotion stays handy.

Cream: Bath + Body Works True Blue Mini Paraffin Hand Lotion

I keep coints hunty

Yes, I meant to use that word… Coints = Money. Thanks for your colorful vocabulary Tamar Braxton. I don’t carry cash often aside from loose change but I always make sure I keep a card as well as other important things like:

  • Insurance cards
  • Coupons because I gotta save too wherever I can!
  • My ID card
  • Keys
  • Pen
  • Mints

The Small Bag Essential Must-Haves

Lip moisture on fleek

lol, I seriously need to stop using that word but it describes things so effortlessly. Who came up with that anyway? Well, keeping both a Chapstick and a gloss is a must in my small bag. I’m currently carrying:

Balm: Peppermint ChapStick

Gloss: Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss

Don’t forget your phone

Always…always! I never know when I may be the chosen one to call on 911 so my phone is extra essential. Can any millennials imagine life before smartphones? I can’t even recall. I’m rocking with LG tech fabness so if you want to read my thoughts on my new baby, stay tuned for a near future post.

Gadget: LG G3 Gold

What are your must have essentials to keep in your small carry bag?

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  1. I've started buying my perfumes from Avon too. I've never smelled far away, but I'm interested now! Lol. Chapstick is always a must…and lipstick if I'm wearing it! I know this might be a given, but whenever I use smaller purses I make sure my keys can fit in there!! I don't want to have to hold anything in my hands!

  2. Oh goodness, Far Away is everything to me. The closest thing I have to my grandmother that I can keep close. I'm with you on the keys, I must be hands-free.

  3. Yaaasss to Tamar's colorful lingo! I stay saying coins and coinage these days. Anyway, I'm also a huge fan of large handbags. When I'm in the mall, I see smaller handbags and they're cute, but I think to myself, "There's no way all of my stuff will fit in there." I did buy a bucket bag from Marshalls last month, and aside from a few clutches I have, it's the only small bag that I own. Yep, like you, I always keep a tube of lotion in my handbag because ash is unacceptable. I also keep my earphones for music, my iPhone, wallet, a pen, and gum because the breath has to be on fresh at all times!

    Drea |

  4. lol yesss!!! I'm loving that bucket bag! Marshalls have gems for sure! Oh and of course, high five for fresh breath!

  5. I definitely agree with the lotion and lip balm!!! Like ashiness and dry lips cannot happen!

  6. lol I know that's right!!

  7. Gosh, the small bag t'ing nuh really work for me, so I'm glad for this post. I never seem to know what to pack, apart from the essentials like keys, phone, lipstick/gloss/balm, and money/card.

    Note to self: Buy travel lotion and small fragrance, 'cause all mi perfume dem big like fridge. :-/

    Maybe a large clutch is better for me. I'm a carry-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-in-my-bag kinda gal. Help!

  8. That's how I am with my big bags! I carry it all so keeping a small bag or clutch helps me break that habit every now and again.

  9. It's definitely time for me to minimize my bag. I carry a big purse that's half empty lol. My essentials are lip balm, a pen, small notebook, phone, and card case (with id/cc/ins/cash etc.). I'll add a lipstick if I'm hanging out.

  10. Mine would be very similar to yours. Phone, purse, lip balm, hand cream, sanitizer gel and a couple of makeup items for touching up xx

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