The Male Psyche – A Female’s Perspective



Being the person that I am, I tend to analyze more things than I should but when people bring up certain questions, I always find myself asking another question on top of it. I recently had a friend ask me, “Why do so many men in relationships find it hard to really stop doing the things that they know they’re girl does not approve of?” Now, seeing as how I have experience with how she’s feeling, I know exactly where she’s coming from.

It’s obvious that ALL men are just naturally flirtatious, regardless! Of course I’ve had to let my guy know a few times how I felt about it. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt at times and think, “Maybe he definitely wasn’t thinking about what he was telling this girl…or how it sounds to her.” Then again, if you tell a girl—-“You’re beautiful, I’d love to be in your office *wink*”…that’s just considered to me, too flirtatious because then it becomes a sexual innuendo, especially if she replies in agreement. That’s how sexual fantasies between that female and your man becomes open throughout their conversations. I don’t understand why men do that. Technically, it wouldn’t be cheating (IF you do not personally know that person), but if they’ve ever crossed paths with each other directly a time or two, it’ll be a different story. I told my friend to just simply do what I try to do. Which is keeping a piece of mind.

Men are indeed attracted to physically gorgeous women, especially those in the magazines, music videos, etc. Mainly because they look nothing like the “average beauty”. Try not to let the frustration get to you because u don’t look like that KING or PLAYBOY model that you see your man admire. REMEMBER THIS:: “What men really want is far from what they think they want”. If you pay close attention to how men operate, you’ll notice that men often chase after women who have the exact qualities that they would never want in a girlfriend. Even though he’ll occasionally look at the legs of a highly attractive woman in a little skirt, he most certainly would NOT want his girlfriend to dress in anything remotely slutty (publicly anyway). Men really want women who have more than looks and a hot body. At the end of the day, the most important thing to him is that he falls for a woman who can be his companion and friend.

Of course, in EVERY and any relationship, you’re going to have arguments, disagreements, etc. Those things can be quickly pushed over. YOUR personality is what put you ahead of the girls that look nice but have spoiled attitudes. We hear it all the time ladies, learn to love the things he loves and try to spend time partaking in his hobbies (i.e. Watching the football games). A lot of guys also want a woman who is confident and sure of herself. If you find yourself feeling somewhat insecure about something that you can’t change, you have to learn to accept and balance it all out with what you do love about yourself. I, myself, had to learn this the hard way. If its changeable, don’t steer away from self-improvement. Just be sure to do it for YOU and NOT for someone else.

She then asks me, “Ok, what if you’re feeling insecure because he associates with a league of beautiful women? They text, call, hangout, etc.” That’s something I’m still learning to adjust to. I just feel that a “friendship” between the opposite sex should strictly be a friendship. I don’t believe constant flirting with your closest and associated friends is right at all. If you’ve peeped flirtation, chemistry of any sort, I’d probably be careful. Either those “female friends” of his know NOTHING about him being with you, he never bothered to mention much about you, or chances are that he’d rather do what he wants and mention you whenever he feels he wants to. But hey, I could be wrong, and there’s another reason for it. As long as you’re aware that he’s not cheating, try not to worry too much. Simply, have a talk with him if you still feel some type of way. Actions speak louder than words and in a males’ mind…. when you want him to listen to you, he will but 9 times out of 10, he’s likely not really hear you. If you have a talk and his “actions” read “I don’t want to hear this” or “yea yea”, then yeah, it would be kind of suspect. Overall, boys will be boys and they should know common sense very well by now to not do more than they should when in a relationship.

When it comes to all that I mentioned, its likewise with a female as well. Only thing different is that a female actually listens. We’re romantics so we tend to “dream” about our knight in shining armor. When we’re in relationships with men, we study their minds. It is just uncommon to find a balanced equivalent of agreement with men and women, UNLESS he’s a renaissance man and can see the woman’ perspective picture if you hand him the creative tool to paint it with. Never forget that a man’s world revolves around the women in it….why? Search”woMEN…”

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*Picture is courtesy of SADE METELLUS*

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