I’M LOCKED UP! …Again!


Ohhhh Yeah! The genie locks are back by popular demand! I definitely had to switch up again for this coming Fall season. It’s always great to get into another protective style and keep my fingers off of my own hair.

This go round, I actually made the locs a lot more smaller, therefore I have a lot more hair to handle. I’v been trying to keep them styled in several updos. Enough so that it doesn’t come out looking as though I’m wearing a weave hat, lol.

If you’ve already checked out the “Leopard Sunrise” Tutorial, then you saw the style I did for that particular shoot. Loved it! I also received a lot of compliments from it.

Below are just a few styles I’ve worn since having put them in. It has been a little over a month now. I love alternative locs! What do you think?

my look 1

my look 2

my look 3

Yeah. I love them! Have any of you natural ladies tried them? How have they worked for you?

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