Natural Hair Personalities| Name Your Mane!


Natural Hair Personalities

Hey, hey, heyyyy! I’m back to share some fun natural hair stuff. I’ve been a little lack luster with blog post inspiration lately but I’ve been able to whip up a few things for you all to enjoy in the coming days and weeks. Stick around for coming beauty, hair, and other product reviews and stories.

I wanted to share a game with you lovely naturals today. It’s called NAME YOUR MANE. Whether you’re rocking a two or super big afro, tell me what you like to call your crown.

My hair has come a long way in 3 years. It’s super versatile, which is always fun. I love putting it up in a bun. Mostly when I want to be a lazy gal and keep things low maintenance. Then when I want, I can always throw in some genie locs or yarn wraps.

Natural Hair Personalities

My favorite part, the shrinkage. It’s a love/hate thing though. But it does keep people guessing and hella curious lol. I call my mane, Miss Afro Deceit …lol. Why? My hair is always bomb when I wear it out in an afro or twist out style and it is forever fooling people when it comes to length. Thus, it being deceitful lol.

Natural Hair Personalities

Now it’s your turn! What do you rock on your head. Leave them in the comments. Today is also FabHER Fridays so be sure to drop a link to your latest or even an old blog post/video you’d like to share with the blogosphere and other Fab ladies! This linky closes on Wednesday, November 19th!

Fab link up rules

  1. Submit your link to a post from your blog below. This can be something crafty, inspirational, motivating, funny, or simply just for kicks.
  2. Let others know where you link up with other bloggers in the world by linking back to this site. You can even Tweet About This Link Up using hashtag #FHFridays
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You MUST be sure to stop by the post linked directly before yours and show some comment love to a fellow blogHER. This is where greater interaction and support comes in from all of us. Let’s help and encourage each other within this community. If you participate in these link ups, simply share the love is all I request of you. *smiles*

See ya linking up next Friday!! 🙂

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