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My Personal Challenge

Sooo, I have been on a mission lately. Not a James Bond type mission but one more-so like “action-movie” type. The physical aspect anyway. I’m a pretty petite woman so I personally never cared to “work-out”.

I always had a fear of it because of the whole, I do NOT want to lose weight thing. I acquired some knowledge within the last few months that has helped me break a phobia.

My Personal workout body

Working out losing weight I don’t have to lose …lol.

Believe it or not, my diet is not exactly very vegan-like or “healthy”. I love soul food, junk food, all the killer sugars and things that we hear about and read up on.

I can eat forever if I could. This of course, has helped me keep weight while getting toned. If you’re anything like me, you may have a high metabolism. Not your fault, we can’t help what genetics we’re born with.

Many people swear I am the most fit person in the world. LOL!I am far from it. I need to work out, seriously. The only thing I’m focused on right now is building muscle and upper body strength. I’m trying to get legs like Beyonce, a derrière of a sexy Latina, and thighs like Rihanna hunty so I’ve been getting my Jillian Michaels on!! lol.

I have implemented a few exercises including strength conditioning which is basically weight training and some flexibility exercises. I’ve been doing some work-outs at home and just recently started going to an actual gym to further build onto what I already try to do. Drinking a pre-workout juice has given me some boost too! I need to start making my own protein shakes for after my workouts. I’ll keep you ll posted on that.

What I’ve been doing at Home & in the Gym

  • Push-Ups (2 Sets of 15);
  • Leg Presses (3 Sets of 20);
  • Leg Extensions (3 Sets of 15);
  • Lying Leg Raise/Leg Crunch (3 Sets of 15);
  • Bench Press (3 Sets of 6)
  • Squats (3 Sets of 20);
  • “Donkey Kicks” (2 Sets of 10);
  • Lunges (3 Sets of 12);
  • Bridging (3 Sets of 25);
  • Sit-Ups (2 Sets of 30);
  • Bicycle Exercise (1 Set of 40on both sides);
  • Planking on Elbows/ On Toes (1 Set, 20 seconds);
  • Planking on Elbows/ On one Leg (1 Set, 20 seconds each).

I’m constantly adding new things to my routine. If you’re familiar with any of those exercises then you see I’m focusing more on the booty and legs lol. Oh yeah!! I’m excited! My legs have surely toned up. I will say that the first time I started weight training on my legs…. I did not stretch!

Oh goodness, my thighs and all felt like HELL during below zero weather. My muscles burned like crazy and I could barely move straight for two days. I had the “human walking penguin syndrome”. Not cool! Since then, I have definitely been stretching before all of my workouts! It’s helped greatly!

Any of you challenging yourselves to get fit for the coming summer in 2013? Send your photos! If any of you gym-junkies have any suggestions for me, feel free to share!

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