3 Reasons For Why I’m Loving The LG G3


LG G3 review

About two months ago I got a new phone! I honestly didn’t expect to go with a different brand but I did anyway. I previously gave my electronic life to the Samsung Note 2, which I had since July 2013. It was a great phone.

You would think I would have upgraded and got the Note 5 or whatever but there’s a limit to a screen size that I’ll settle for. That Note 5 may as well be a table notebook. No thanks.

Don’t get me started on the iPhone 6. No thanks. I’ve never been an iPhone lover … Team Android! *ducks from iPhonenati crew*

I just love the Macbooks from Apple. I’ll stick to that.

The LG G3 didn’t grab my attention at first. All I could think about was how crappy the LG phones were whenever I saw someone say “it’s a prepaid”. Eh… I’m under contract with Sprint… Whom I DESPISE greatly so I didn’t have many options to choose from in store.

I decided to do some research on the LG G3 by heading over to YouTube and seeing what the tech gurus had to say about it. According to them, it beats the iPhone 6 (of course) plus a few features they showcased captured my attention so I crossed the pond and got the G3 in color “Shine Gold”. Here is what I love most.

LG G3 Shine Gold

Dual Actions

Something I didn’t have on my Galaxy Note. I hate when I’m in the middle of typing out a post or tweeting when I get an incoming call that stops it all for me. With the LG G3, I can have an incoming call pop up and not interfere with whatever I’m doing. So while whoever is trying to reach me, I can simply continue typing out my tweet, watching YouTube, etc.

Instant Text Response

I can reply to a text message without having to open up my messaging application. All texts come in a pop up widget that allows me to tap and reply right then and there. It’s super convenient for someone like me.

Crispy Images

I’m a sucker for a great smartphone camera. The LG G3 gives clear, sharp outcomes to photos that I instantly fell in love with. Unlike the Samsung Note, which is super saturated in color (not a bad thing), but the G3 gives me that natural, minimalistic feel that I’ve been moving into lately. The extended editing features are pretty dope too. No Photoshop skills necessary.

Phone Specs:

  • Available in 6 Colors (Varies by Carrier)
  • 5.5 Inch Screen
  • Up to 21 hours (talk time)
  • Battery Life (Lasts All Day With High Activity for me)

Phone Case OtterBox

Are you thinking about getting the g3? What smartphone do you currently love and why?

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  1. The battery alone is what would make me buy this phone. I've never had an Android device – I went from a BlackBerry to an iPhone. Right now I have an iPhone 5s and I like it but the battery is trash. The battery life for iPhones are truly the worst. Oh, and that Dual Action feature sounds super cool!


  2. Yes! I love the dual feature actions. I've got through so many phones it's crazy. I had three Blackberries while in high school- Didn't convert to Android until I got to college. So glad I did. My sis has the 5s and she mentions all the time how much she hates it but she still rocks with it lol. Anytime I see her, she ALWAYS says "wait, let me charge my phone" lol – it's foreverrrr dying! But definitely look in Android the next time you seek to find a new phone. Of course I'm recommending the G3 🙂

  3. Ooh. I strongly considered the G3 when I was looking for a new phone, however I was so impatient and decided on the Nexus 5 instead, which is also made by LG (but I love it as well!). LG phones are usually the best on the market. The UI, the battery, and the idea that I can do anything I want with my phone is great. I'm Android for life, lol. I had an iPhone for two weeks and changed so quickly.

    Can you tell I'm a little bit of a tech nerd? :p Great post.

    Adia // loveanintrovert.com

  4. I love the pictures you take with his phone!! Very high quality. I've always been Team Android. I hace a Macbook and a iPad. Do I really need the phone too?? I just love the features and the usability of Android. I also like that it's connected to Google. Makes everything so much easier for blogging!!

  5. Androids are always the best lol! I could never get with the iPhone – tech nerds unite!!! You're so not alone!

  6. You sound like me. I love my Macbook! The android phones are super convenient- especially with the Google connections which makes a lot of things easier for sure!

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