Mental solitude and Om


Mental solitude and Om

This past week opened up a window that further allowed me to once again reflect and re-evaluate many things. I’m disappointed in myself because I allowed the ignorance of someone get the best of me.

I’ve been trying my very best to avoid having to deal with things that don’t add value to me. It’s bad enough when people cause issues and wonder why you avoid opening up afterwards.

I recently read an article over on BGIO about “Welcoming Ritual Into Your Life”. It really got me thinking that besides having a consistent place or hobby for everyday enjoyment – I needed a space to just be still. Yesterday, I took a moment to myself after laying my son down for his nap. Turned on my Spotify app and played the new Janelle Monae and Jidenna track…. Yoga.

I sat on the floor and just took in the lyrics. I needed to center myself…. Re-charge. So I pulled out my yoga mat that I hadn’t used EVER – it had been in my closet for over a year lol.

Took a small area in my bedroom – I didn’t get into trying any fancy downward dogs or anything but I did just sit there and sat quietly. Eyes closed… Heart open. I needed to release.

I know I have the power to change many things in my life. My first move was making great use of the word “NO”. That alone has given me great control. If I don’t want to do something, I know I don’t have to compromise myself to if I choose not to.

I held a mental conversation with myself – as I do many times throughout the day. I was able to reflect further into my thoughts. I shared emotional prayers and my honest fears with my conscience. I cried… something I’ve been doing a lot lately because I usually keep everything bottled in.

I have the power to let go when I CHOOSE to let go for me and not anyone else.

I have the power to control how I live the rest of my life.

I have the power to speak freely and openly the truth with honest intention.

I have the power to feel hurt and allow that pain to create a blueprint to my road of healing and immense happiness.I can honestly say I spent an hour alone in that same position and rising from the floor feeling like I accomplished something. I’m learning daily and being able to give myself permission to feel, love, and express things the way I do really creates a great synergy for me. I forgave myself again.

Do you ever take the time to “be still”?

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  1. Outside of my prayers I would say my "be still" time is while I'm driving home from work. I normally drive home in silence and think about…stuff. I do, however, think that I need to take more time out in my day for meditations and reflections.

  2. I don't but after reading this I definitely do. I felt clarity just from reading those positive affirmations.

    Mona /

  3. Good read. I do the same. I enjoy the time to reevaluate and just breathe.

  4. I can relate – driving also helps ypu to reflect. I've done the same as well.

  5. Awesome, let me know if you give it a try! Glad you were able to get gppd vibes from reading this post 💜

  6. Yes! It's always nice to just sit and be calm right? Great stress reliever too!

  7. I haven't practiced yoga since 2011. Yikes! But I found that it improved my "mental health" tremendously even if the class was only once per week. And like CamilleK, my "be still" time was during my evening commute. But I still haven't mastered the "NO" part, though…so I end up allowing people to change my center, and I'm often left feeling angry and "some kinda way."

  8. Oh goodness. I use to be very easy to always being a "yes girl – turns out that even those who were closest to me would take advantage of that. I had to fix it with a quickness. Saying no gives you back your power to control what you will and will not do and/or put up with. Nowadays, people can only respect me for being so honest with them.

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