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A woman about confidence and giving our all to yourself! Shenika makes it all look effortless. Her love for fashion and fitness all while keeping your skin beautiful and your hair fabulous, get to know her.

  1. My beauty is not only skin-deep but also a reflection of the way I was raised; to honor and cherish exactly who I am, flaws and all.
  2. In your everyday life, how do you remember to take care of your “mental” self?
  3. I make a point to do things that feel good. It’s not complicated for me.  It may be buying flowers, or taking a walk.  Alone time is extremely beneficial for me.  It’s when I can think about everything or think about nothing!  Writing for is a great way for me to have “me” time and share my thoughts with everyone.

  4. What woman (or man) in your life inspired you to “always love thyself”?
  5. My Mother has certainly instilled the values that I carry today.  Because of her I am extremely independent; able to love and take care of myself.  I also have to remember my father, who passed when I was 13 but made me believe from a very young age that I am worth it all!


  6. “Her black is beautiful, his society is ugly.” – What does that mean to you?
  7. There is so much that could be said about this statement.  Society makes it hard for many of us to embrace who we are and our beauty although our beauty clearly exists.  Society IS ugly and some of us struggle to see the beauty in ourselves because we are constantly reminded that we are devalued.

  8. I wear RED lipstick (of many different shades) because it signifies my boldness and strength as a woman. Red stands out! 😉


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  1. Kari @ Oh, For The Love Of Stories

    Wonderful feature! I love seeing black women empowering other black women!

  2. Yassss indeed!!

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