Another epic list of 100+ more black-owned businesses to support


list of black-owned businesses to support

August is coined as BOB month and I’m back with another list of amazing Black Owned Businesses you can check out, share, and support. Just last year, Black buying power was estimated at $1.1 Trillion and is currently at $1.2 TRILLION this year. By year 2020, our spending power will be at a whopping $1.4 Trillion according to the 2016 Nielsen report! I’ve put together a list of over 100 black businesses and services you can support this month and every month after. Many of them I’ve purchased from and many I plan to support in any way I can. We literally control the buying culture since we are the ones spending the most money.

The question that comes up when it comes to these numbers is, how will Black America leverage this to create wealth? To effectively create Black economics, we have to first get in the habit of supporting our own as much as we can – just like every other race already does. Challenge yourself to outsource and support a BOB for your everyday essentials in beauty, hair, biz, and more! In case you missed it, check out last years epic list here.

Food – health – wellness

Food Before Love – Website

Food Love Tog – Website

Divas In Transition – Website

Femme Fitale Fit Club – Website

Kye Tea House – Website

Nspiyahd Life – Website

Cosmetics – nailcare

Nuria Talori Cosmetics – Website

Juvia’s Place – Website

Alpha Male Nailcare – Website

Gold Label Cosmetics – Website

Coloured Raine – Website

Fashion Fair – Website

Fashion – apparel – shoes – accessories

HUMAN Collection – Website

Coloring Pins – Website

Wifey N Training – Website

Ayanna Listenbee Collection – Website

Global Couture – Website

She Shes Closet – Website

Tees In The Trap – Website

The She Shop – Website

Ven + Rose – Website

Mess In A Bottle – Website

Unapologetically Us – Website

Akilah Itan – Website

Media – radio – news – podcasts – directories

HoneyBe Natural Magazine – Website

The Black Mall – Website

Bronze Magazine – Website

CRWN Magazine – Website

Black Girl Magic Mag – Website

Cherished Flight Podcast – Website

One Mo Minute – Website

The Colored Boy – Website

The Extraordinary Negroes – Website

SwagHer Magazine – Website

Subscription boxes

(Men’s) Harrison Blake Apparel – Website

Intimates – beauty – skincare

Shop LaVadge – Website

Naturally Me + You – Website

Maya India Spa – Website

Waist Language Inc – Website

Selah, Be – Website

KoKo D Swimwear – Website

Nakimuli – Website

Ilera Apothecary – Website

Clara Bea Essentials – Website

Mom – baby – children – teens

CoCo Pie Clothing – Website

Happy Mango – Website

Your Queens Costumes – Website

Sunshine Fabric + Designs – Website


XOXO Virgin Hair – Website

Curlkalon – Website

Bask + Bloom Essentials – Website

Curly In College – Website

Tree Naturals – Website

It’s Yours Hair Co. – Website

Lached + Hooked – Website

Lifestyle – home – goods – parties

Pretty Plus Pep – Website

Slim Crafts – Website

House of Marley – Website

Whitney J Decor – Website

BeBlogolicious Shop – Website

LooHoo Wool Dyer Balls – Website

Design – finance – consulting

Digital Doyenne – Website

Divno Je – Website

The Rosario Group – Website

The Glamour Effect – Website

Ana Lorian – Website

Narsha Design Co – Website

Sights Set – Website

Live Life Well Travel – Website

Fresh Medley Designs – Website

Macon Designs – Website

Saidia Financial – Website

Nicole Williams Collective – Website

Talent Think Innovations – Website

Common Cents – Website

TamikaInk – Website

Aisha Adams Media – Website

Vashti A. Joseph – Website

Riot Customs – Website

Kriss Did It – Website

Beverages – wines – spirits – smokes

Charles WIne Company – Website

Rivulet Liqueur – Website

Earl Stevens Selection – Website

Fou-Dre Vodka – Website

Harlem Blue – Website

Brooklyn Brewery – Website

Simply Pure – Website

Mofaya Energy Drinks – Website

Fine arts – stationary – crafts – photography – video

Photography By Valerie – Website

Photo Story Collections – Website

SCM Films – Website

Cosmic Medium – Website

Who will you be supporting this month? Share any business you’d like to add to this list in the comments! Let’s spread the word!

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  1. The Urban Goddiss-

  2. Household goods and office movers
    U R First Movers, LLC
    Facebook is U R First Movers LLC

  3. How can i get Gold Canyon on one of your lists my name is alana ebow

  4. Thank you from SwagHer Magazine!

  5. Check We provide Nude tights for women of colour in the US and in Europe.

  6. Creative Designsby Cristal

    Creative Designs by Cristal
    I create accessories for everybody even your furbaby.
    I'd like to be added to this list of black owned businesses.

  7. Chocolate Chick Apparel
    Website-Facebook-Instagram (chocolatechicktees)

  8. Vera Moore Cosmetics great products and black owned.

  9. The Frugal Exerciser - Sheila Simmons

    Thanks for adding my shop to your list.

  10. The Shea Buttercream Diva (website/FB/IG)

    Shea buttercream products for your skin and soul.

  11. This is truly awesome! Thank you for this compilation!

    I'd like to add Steven Taylor Photography. A black owned business offering a large range of photography services.

    Facebook: Steven C W Taylor –
    Instagram: steventaylor_photo

    Thanks again!

  12. Femme Fitale Fit Club

    Thank you for including my business on the list.This is AMAZING!

  13. Latisha, jack of all trades; master of some

    Check out a black-owned soy candle company!

  14. Nicole Williams Collective

    I just came across the post. Thanks for including my business!

  15. I'll Drink to That-Fountain of Juice is a mobile juice bar that also ships nourishing cold-pressed juices and tees. The owner, Mika Fresh is a wellness consultant. We'd love to make the list!!!

  16. Would love to be on next years! Check out <3

  17. Clothing/Accessories/Health Beauty –
    Herbalist/Health Guide –
    Technical/Websites/Apps –

  18. Another Pair of Shoes

    Another Pair of Shoes, thanks you for listing us 🙂

  19. Saved as a favorite, I like your website!

  20. Thank you for adding cosmic medium to the list!

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